Starting Year 1967

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John Ramsey McCallum, then John Johnson, writes

I attended Gateshead Grammar from 1967 to 1972 and passed my 11+ at Brighton Road Junior School. At school I was known as John Johnson due to my mothers second marriage but later retook my birth name when starting my apprenticeship. I was in class 1A, Stephenson House, then 2A, the coed introduction dropped me to 3D but my last year I went into 4C.

I remember guys by the names of David Wilkinson, Benjamin Dover, Paul Long, Stephen Fish and David Alwyn who I think went on to be a policeman.

Teachers were Mr Weatherby -sports (another later called Nigel something), Mr Speed was the Head, 

I remember having Mr Howe, and a Mr Farqueson who suffered a lot one term.The German teacher was Mrs. Nichols,  Frau the cow was her name spoken in quiet places. Others are lost in memory at present.

I remember being told the Motto meaning, Toil No Soil, alluded that we were not to become labourers but leaders in our field.(No... work is no disgrace) I went into engineering and have built ships engines, oil and gas platforms, LNG/GTL plants, I built part of the Shard and other Blackfriars Bridge in London and am still in the marine industry out in the Middle East.

I was prompted to look for the school link as I read on a Google+ link that a guy named Hewitt had attended the school as well.

I was part of the gymnastics team, the trampoline team and the diving team, the latter not as effective as the other two. I was also in the Astronomy club and still have a passing interest in all things heavenly.It was cold up on the roof with the roof open so not many people were involved and it closed in my 3rd year. I was also involved in productions of the Pirates of Penzance 1969, as a sailor and one other. The Biology pond was the place some "Foggy's" ended up I remember as I was nearly one of them.

Hopefully you have some others of my intake online, it might be nice to catch up when I am back in the UK at times.