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Cricket 1918

Webmaster comment: I'm not comfortable with this pose of the boys on the ground. On your hunkers, yes, but not lounging like a couple of tarts. These are Gateshead lads, for goodness sake. But I've seen this elsewhere. Here, for example

Is this any way for a sports team to pose? Well, it's Thames Ironworks FC who morphed into West Ham so what may one expect?

But oh no, here's the 1905 League winners, Newcastle United..and one of the girly posers is only Colin Veitch, Captain, Scholar and mate of George Bernard Shaw  
Here's my theory. Photos had to very still and formal, back in the Eastman days but sport was a game so there developed a casual approach when it came to sportsmen. With the exception of those slouchy cricket chaps in 1918 this nonsense didn't prevail in Gateshead Grammar, as can be seen from this magnificent collection of sports photos spanning a half century, some of which may have appeared in a Hercule Poirot episode. We were asked but not told if used. Anyone spotted them?

Soccer 1919

1920 Cricket Team

Cricket Team 1921 ?
many of same players as photo above

Soccer 1925

Football 1944-45
Walter Waistell, Malcolm Turner, John McCrimmon, Wally Curry, Mr Harbron, Charlie Beales, Ray Lennox, Bob Hall
George Saul, Colin Leith, Derek Reay, Eddie Lejeune, Jack Pentney

Photo courtesy of Norman Nicholson S/Y 1943

First XI Cricket Team 1947

Top L to R
J R Brown (Umpire), Rogers, Legget, Ken Norton, Short (Scorer)
Middle L to R
Joe Wailes, Peter Milller, Maurice Dingwall, Wally Walter Waistell, Frank Pentney
Front Row Lto R
Leslie Beck, Peter Johnson, Frank Holland, Dougie Roberts

Ken Norton, played for Northumberland in the Minor Counties competition from 1954-1981 taking a record 600 wickets and enjoyed league cricket for 50 years with Gateshead Fell, Tynedale, South Shields, Morpeth and Corbridge.
Leslie Beck emigrated to Canada

Photo courtesy of Norman Nicholson S/Y 1943

David Arnell (S/Y 1945) writes

"We only became a rugby school in about 1947 when the school field was ploughed up. I think it was largely due to the efforts of Mr Cleasby that we started playing."

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School Football Team 1948 courtesy of Geoff Rodgers Starting Year 1942
Top Left to Right
Gavin Winter, Walter “Wally” Waistell, Eric Howarth.
Middle Left to Right
Mr. JR Brown, Ron Cooper, Joe Wailes, Eddie Sanders, Alan Gofton, Mr. C Ridley.
Front Left to Right
Gordon Reid, Geoff Rodgers, Maurice Dingwall (c), Tom Hindley, George Saul.

Maurice Dingwall was football, cricket and school captain in 1948.
George Saul signed part-time professional forms for Sunderland.
4 members of this side – Dingwall, Rodgers, Wailes and Waistell also feature on the photograph of the 1947 cricket team.
The above team had just won the “Evening Chronicle Cup” competed for by grammar schools throughout the region.

Photo courtesy of Norman Nicholson S/Y 1943

The following two were submitted by David Arnell, Starting Year 1945

It is said here that the success of rugby in
the early 50s owes much to the the standard set by Norman Wiseman, Fred Rodgers, Barry Taylor, Bill Heal et al seen here and presumably Mr Cleasby and Mr Henry Morris (PE Teacher) deserve some credit.

Photo courtesy of Norman Nicholson

Cricket 1953
Bill Barnes, Dick Davies, Barrie Johnson, Peter Wilson, Fred Rodgers, Derek Leathley, J R Brown
John Poll, Michael Coates, Mike Iley, Bill Heal, Barry Taylor, Gerry Urwin

The following seven photos are courtesy of David Walker

Back: Alec Glasgow, Mr JML Mock, R Watson, GC Clark
Middle: J Gibson. B Fielder, I Scott, WJ Deighton, G Martin, J Poll, J Rimer, W Fairburn
Front; G Urwin, N Dodds, BS Taylor, FS Rodgers, WO Heal, R Davies, RD Robson

Back; J Gibson, Spurrs, Pattinson, Soper, Leathey, Wood, Watson, Russell
Front: Scott, Childs, Glasgow, Davies, Robson, Deighton, Martin

Brian Spurrs
Peter (Joe) Binks, Mike Gardner
A Thoburn, Colin Reed, Jim Norman, John Gray, Bill Bainbridge, T Hewitson
Derek Leathley, John Gibson, Bill Deighton, Dick Davies, George Martin, Iain Scott, Brian Pattinson

Reunion 1990 in the Swallow Hotel

Back;Jim Kershaw, Dick Davies, Rick Soper, ?, ?
Middle:A Christison, N Wiseman, ?, ?, Geo Martin, Bill Heal, Colin Armstrong, Norman Dodds
Front: ?, Alan Thoburn, Mr  JML Mock, John Poll, Bill Deighton

Quigley, Wilson, Binks, Mr. Ridley
Kelly, Walker (Capt) Scott, Simpson, Rove, Swaddle
Sneddon, Horan, Scribbens, Bowron, Hewetson

Binks, Dixon, Walker, Scott, Quigley
Sneddon, Young, Hogan, Rove, Scribbens, Bowman

Quigley, McIntyre, Walker, Watson, O'Neill
Allsop, Sneddon, Huntley, Scott, Farquhar, Hughes, Howe

This is a gym photo sent in by Stuart Walton Intake 1956. He is in front row, writ upon

The favouring of rugby over football  after 1956 has been brought up a few times, (for example by Jim Farquhar, seen above) usually based on their experience in the period 1956-1960 when indeed there was no school football team. Here's the potted history of Soccer and Rugby

56-57 Under 13 Rugby

1958-59 Rugby

1960 Under16 Rugby

Rugby 1961-62

Here's the first of many pics kindly donated by Tom Maddison, the originals of which are to be lodged in the Local History section of Gateshead Central Library, which is only a throw in away from where they originated. Neat, huh?

Swimming Left click to enlarge

The following three photos (excl the Swimming) are courtesy of Ian Straughan, Starting Year 1958. Click the pics to see enlargements

1962 School Cricket XI

Back L to R
? Bill Ireland, Doug Hudson, Lee Hetherington, ?, Norman Cobon, Bob Thompson, Alan Lumley
Front L to R
Alan Mole, Tom Cowell, Ian Straughan, Ken Thompson, Alan Perrett, Jimmy Hewson, Mr.Pete Brewis

Cricket from The Caprian July 1962

School Soccer XI Oct 1962
Back L to R
Bill Ireland, Bob Thompson, Peter Fleming, Alan Sheriff, John Robson (Traddles),
Front L to R
Ken Thompson, Geof Barlow, Ian Straughan, Barry Davidson, Tom Cowell, Alan Lumley, Mr Pete Brewis

1962 Swimming Team
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Swimming from The Caprian July 1962

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School Soccer XI Sept 1963

Back L to R
Jimmy Hewson, Robert Elms (Zess), Alan Perrett, Alan Dunn (Fagg), Rob  Moul, Ian Straughan, Les Brydon, Barry Davidson
Front L to R
?, Ken Thompson, John Newton (Toe), Tom Cowell, Gerry Roxburgh, Geoff Barlow, Mr. David Walker

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First season of Basketball
A Fairless Ray Cowell N Hannah John Davison (Scorer)
Bruce Foster M Magnay Michael Gentles Doug Hudson A Wilkinson R McTaggart Tom Maddison
2nd in Leagues
Finalists Durham County Tournament
Beat Billingham Campus 20-13
Beat Wellfield 9-8
Lost in Final to Peterlee Grammar 29-20

Soccer 1963-64
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1964 Basketball

1965 Rugby 1st XV

1965 Cricket 1st XI

1965 Basketball Team

1965 Badminton Team

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Laidler, Mitchell, Pears, Sweeney, Hodgson, Blewitt, Cantwell, Coffey, Johnson, Fraser, Clark, Collier, Richardson, Milburn
J D Forster

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Back row L-R r: Stephen Dover, John Scott, Brian Hodgkinson, Geoff Hunter, Robert Wilson, ?, Charlie Stafford, George Gaffing, John Williamson, Barry Menim.
Front row L-R: Mr. Storey, Stewart Cameron, Jeff Arrowsmith, Brian Nicholson, Malcolm Dodd, ? Maybe Olly Gray, Brian Southern, Haydn Jenkins, Mr. Robert Best.

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Dave Errington, Phil Anslow, Jim Barton, Mr. Wetherley
Dave Williams, John Barrass, Ray Ecclestone, Derek Pentland, Pete Gorman

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? Jim Barton, Phil Anslow, Terry Ritson, Charlie Stafford
Mr Wetherley, Don Heelback, Trevor Romaines, Rob Martin, Steve Rigg, ?, ?

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2nd from right back row Elsie Ure

Girls Hockey 1929 ish

6th from right Elsie Ure

Girls' Hockey 1943

Girls Tennis Team 1918

Girls' Tennis First Team 1954

Mixed Tennis Team 1947