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From Facebook, personal websites or by using inverted commas, like so... "gateshead grammar school"  as a search term on Google a bunch of names have come up but there is insufficient info to put them in a Year Group

However it is worth recording their names as it will make them searchable for genealogists. If you can help by saying which Intake (Starting) Year Group and/or adding additional bio details please make Contact

Former Pupils

Jeff Child and Darrylyn Child

Frederick Hudson

Charles Kitchen

John B Price

Former Teacher

David R Henderson

Found the following at's_career.html

Born Marion Mossman in Gateshead to Alexander and Kathleen Mossman with a sister Marjorie born 4 years later. Enrolled at Lady Vernon C of E Infant School where (so I am told) I was a precious infant demanding to be moved to a higher class as and when I fancied. Moved to Shipcote School where I stayed until the dreaded 11+ which I was fortunate enough to pass and progressed to Gateshead Grammar School.Here, as is often the case I believe, I became a rather shy and reserved pupil. I can remember five friends with whom I became rather close: Muriel Harrison, Ruth Thompson, Joan Faulkner, Rita Toward and Yetta Rothfield.

Found the following on Facebook...Gateshead Past and Present

Brian Franks

William (Bill) Moodie

Ray Smith

Brian and Len Fearby

Cliff Starkey

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