Famous Incidents

Who remembers the day the top flight of the main staircase collapsed?
David Arnell (S/Y 1945) writes "It was, I think, about 1948 and happened about 11.50. Luckily there was no one on it at the time. Ten minutes later would have seen the stairs full of pupils and undoubtedly many would have been killed by the falling debris".

Who remembers Tom Thumb's mini being manhandled into a sideways parking position in the archway? Was the same mini found parked on its roof ? 

According to Pat Banham's diary on 1st April 1954..April Fool's Day "some boys went too far and bashed up Mr Lamb's car"

Who remembers the effigy of the headmaster hanging from the bell tower ? And Dr Caffrey quoted in the Chronicle " No matter how long it takes we shall find the boys responsible"....well, they never did !
Who remembers the entire school turning out for the "chair legging" ?
Who has any Foggies' Friday stories?

Does anyone remember chemistry stands being hurled from the Chemistry lab window down into the pond outside the Biology lab?
Who was involved with the use of calcium carbide, either harmlessly by distracting teachers with mini explosions in the ink wells or harmfully (potentially) putting the entire school at risk by depositing cc down the lavatory pans?
Come on..spill the beans

Here's the story of the Big Staircase Collapse