Two Timers

Shepherds in the Very Same Lea

Many foggy creatures yearned to be teachers
Passing all the teaching exams
But who planned to be shepherds in the very same lea
Where, once, they gambolled as lambs?

Which of the shaken preferred to be Sirred?
From returning, who didn't recoil?
Which poachers had eyes on the gamekeeper's prize?
Who thought it no soil to re-toil?

Which prefects thought teaching was perfect?
Which Ducketeers were staff room bound?
Those who once hassled, now returned, duly tasselled?
Caprians, black capped and gowned

Jon Bratton 2011

Until recently it was thought that Mr Rimer was the top two timer in that not only did he return to be a teacher at GGS but he stayed for the duration of his career and it was  felt that that wouldn't be equalled but the recently acquired Apple Cart magazines reveal one who did equal it and did it earller

Ralph Younger Welch,
pupil, returned and stayed until he retired in 1944

Eric Rimer,
pupil, returned and stayed until he retired at Christmas 1964. Eric Rimer knew the previous example setter


Norman Hepple,
pupil, then returned as teacher in 1904 and retired in the early 1940's

Leslie Ure,
pupil, then returned as teacher. He went to Heathfield Grammar School in 1961

Ralph Cleasby,
returned 1946 and stayed at least until the school ceased to be a Grammar in 1967

J. R. Brown,
returned 1946 and left in 1961 to go to the newly built Heathfield Grammar School

Miss Kitchen, later Mrs  Betty Nichols
returned 1946, left to go to the newly built Girls Grammar in 1957 (but also taught 6th form girls who were allowed to finish their secondary education at the Boys school)

John Hawkins

David Walker,
pupil 1949-56, returned 1961, went to Heaton Grammar 1965

Colin Noble-Nesbitt

Malcolm S G Armstrong
 was a pupil 1949-1956 and returned in the early Sixties