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Jon Bratton writes

Here's an observation that perhaps only the likes of the Headmaster and Deputy could have made before all of us were provided with the much bigger picture created by the pooling of memories and documentation. When we're used to seeing either sporty Jocks or bookworm Geeks on American TV and movies it surprises me just how often, in Gateshead, it seems the most academically gifted were also the stars on the sports ground. It may be that this just happened every few years when Superstars emerged, who shone in sports, participated in the school magazine, were Captain (later known as Head Boy/Girl) or  prefect, won the major prizes, started a movement, made it into this website's Famous section.  I don't intend to argue the case but lets see if others see some truth in this. A few names I've spotted are Maurice Dingwall, Wally Waistell, Fred Rogers, Bill Heal, Alec Glasgow. Norman Wiseman, Dick Davies. 

Intake Years 1940 and 1941

Prefects 1952-53
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