Starting Year 1947
Gateshead Grammar School

Vic Pierson writes

"I was at Gateshead Grammer School  from 1947-1951.
Came to South Africa in 1953.
Went to visit  the old school with my family in 1993 and found that the buildings had been demolished. Sad even "


Hugh Hedley, Musical Director of the Caprians writes of the original Caprian members, all in Starting Year 1947

"Alec Glasgow, George Russell, Jeff Child, Richard Soper,Terry Nelson and myself (Hugh Hedley) started at GGS in 1947 and left in 1954. Barrie Johnson transferred from the Central School, Whitehall Road in 1949 and joined our year group".  Richard (Dick) Davies came from a Yorkshire school in 1949. He was one year younger and left in 1955.  Ian Wells came from Kirkcaldy High School in 1951 and left in 1954

Sir George Russell b 1935
Kells Lane Primary School 1940-47
Gateshead Grammar School 1947-54
Granada plc and Camelot

Alex Glasgow b 1935
Gateshead Grammar School 1947-54
Songwriter ("Close the Coalhouse Door" et al)
Sang the signature tune to "When the Boat Comes In"
Went to Kells Lane Primary School and the Grammar School in the same year as Sir George Russell and Hugh Hedley. 1935 was a very productive year for Low Fellers

Ian Wells writes
 "I am still a member of The Caprians and was also in some school productions:
1952 Our Town
1953 Pride and Predjudice
1954 Dido and Aeneas
I have programmes and some photos of all three."

The first six must have been on the Long Photo of Oct 1947. Are you willing to identify yourselves?

From schoolgirl to author

Sylvia Richardson, better known now as Sylvia Waugh the writer of Childrens' books. See her entry in our Famous Old Boys/Girls section and on Wikipedia

Sylvia writes .... of Joan Lamb, Joan Hughes, Audrey Milburn, Jean Young, Kathleen Raine, Joyce Armstrong, Audrey Stiles, Theresa Greenwell, Grace Belgium, Joan Alderson....
My own best friend was Marion Irving and, all these years later, we still keep in touch from time to time. She too is married with children and grandchildren.

Joan Alderson living in Australia

Julia Swinburne, later Carruthers

Audrey Watson, later Critchley

Valerie Clarke, later Hawley

Jean Smith, later Hedley

Dorothy Brown, later Lady Dorothy Russell

Maureen Stone

Vera Wilson

The memories of 13 members of intake Year 1947 cover 47+ pages in the excellent "Memories of Gateshead Grammar School", details of which are the Home page of this website

In addition to several others named above, the following were among the 45 prefects in 1953-54

Colin Kilburn, James Heaton, Michael Coates Brian Pattinson, Barbara Wells Tom Swaddle, Richard Soper, Trevor Birkett, Margaret Arskey, Joan Williamson, Duncan Robson, Anne Coulson, Michael Ashworth, John Gibson, Sue Meninger, Jonathan Rimer, Enid Bell, Bill Deighton, Shirley Barker, Alan Thoburn, Lorna Gray, Peter Reader, Joyce Redfern, Pat Elliott (Head Girl in 1953), Margaret Winship, Beth Tully, David Simpson, Molly Watt, Sonia Winer,Audrey Wallace, Eric Shinn