"Fifty Few" & Other Punishments

The famous punishment dished out by Mr Petherbridge
"Few things are more distressing to a well adjusted mind, than to see a boy, who ought to know better, disporting himself at improper moments"

Jon Bratton writes
In my time it was a "well regulated mind" rather than "well adjusted mind" but no matter. Did anyone ever get a "hundred few"?
What's more, the question needs to be asked, did anyone have to write out
"Few things are more distressing to a well regulated mind, than to see a girl, who ought to know better, disporting herself at improper moments"
Indeed, it was "well regulated mind" and as proof that Pethers didn't make it up himself, there's the story of its author E. E. Kellett of The Leys School in this book which carries an appropriate title

Here's another little story about lines which comes from Angela Elliott
"Miss Wood who became Mrs Evans sussed out that I had lines, ready to complete, starting 'I must not' and she gave me a couple of hundred starting 'In future'. She was my favourite teacher until then!"

I have a story of a physical punishment dished out to me in the first year of my GGS life that would bring shame on a very respected teacher. I'm aware that he was justly respected and assume my inappropriate punishment was in his early teaching years. Had I reported it his career should, tho' I doubt would, have ended then