Springfield Hotel

Many of us, teachers and pupils alike, will have fond memories of this place 

On 12th January 2009 all the hotel guests at the Springfield Hotel were frogmarched to their rooms by hotel security and given 20 minutes to leave. The guards wouldn’t even leave them alone to pack, and stood guard over the guests while they packed.

Apparently, the hotel operator - Legacy Hotels - went bust, and the hotel slid into receivership. GVA Grimley, acting on behalf of Lloyds TSB, were assumed to be in charge of closing down the hotel, throwing out the guests, and firing 30 staff members. The hotel had gone into receivership on the 8th October 2008.

We should have clubbed together and bought it

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Closure of Springfield

The demolition work has begun in this picture taken May 2009

It's going

It's gone

Nov 2009