Caprians Choir formed 1953

Jon Bratton writes

Hugh Hedley, the founding and long standing Conductor/MD of the Caprians has supplied the following photographs with captions which have significance to the choir's long history

The whole Caprian History by Hugh Hedley is a real good read. Just click the

Original Caprians in1954
(Standing): Barrie Johnson, Jeff Child, Richard (Dick) Davies, Ian Wells, Richard Soper.
(Seated): George Russell, Hugh Hedley, Alec Glasgow, Terry Nelson.

It staggers me that 50 years on, 6 of the Original 9 Members are still gathering, shown below at the 50th Anniversary bash. The founder Alex Glasgow, and Barrie Johnson, had died two years earlier. Terry Nelson married Sylvia Hind of GGS and they live in West Yorkshire. Terry, a retired psychiatrist, was unable to attend the 50th Anniversary Concert

George Russell had become a Captain of Industry, internationally and locally, and along the way, had picked up a knighthood. He (with Alex Glasgow) is in our Famous Old Goats section and here for his full bio.

Jeff Child, George Russell, Ian Wells, Hugh Hedley, Richard Davies, Richard Soper.

Alex Glasgow (5th from left) on visit from Australia in 1997
Hugh Hedley, Pat Johnson, Ian Wells, Vera Wilson, Alex Glasgow, Margaret Oliver.

Caprians' First Grammarphone Record 1954

Hugh Hedley , in his Caprian History gives much praise for the staying power of many long standing Caprians but modesty veils his own praiseworthy stickability.

In order to earn a living he was out the area for some 10 years and here are his stand ins

Mabel Wilson Caprians MD 1961-64

Paul Abbott Caprians MD 1965-71

But Hugh's still there, leading from the front, literally, conducting the choir, but also writing the history, maintaining the archives, and he has kindly supplied all the material here. Somebody should put him forward for a gong

Inlay of The Caprians' Tape Cassette Another Day To Sing

Caprians' First CD 2002

Caprians 40th Anniversary Concert 1993
(Back row): Gordon Bell, Tony Samson, Lawrie Valentine, Jean Hedley, John Niven, Douglas Rennie, John Hawkins, Richard Soper.

(2nd row): Pat Johnson, Maria Ernlund, Eileen Waistell, Angela Sammut, Dorothy Bell, Christine Wilkie, Vera Wilson, Margaret Valentine.
(Front row): Wyn Portway, Pam Hobson, June Reed (accompanist), Hugh Hedley, Theresa McCabe, Ann Hill, Hazel Wells.

Caprians' Jubillee Year 2003
(Back row): Lawrie Valentine, John Niven, Gordon Bell, Thong Lam, Tony Samson, Ian Wells, Douglas Rennie, Richard Soper.
(2nd row): Karen Aynsley, Pat Johnson, Eileen Waistell, Maureen Laws, Vera Wilson, Hazel Wells, Jean Hedley.
(Front row): Wyn Portway, Margaret Valentine, Penny Shorten, Hugh Hedley, Theresa McCabe, Christine Wilkie, Ann Hill.

Caprians rehearsing for Jubilee concert

In addition to teacher Mr Sydney Potts who was inspirational in the forming of a Boys Choir, Hugh gives credit to two scientists, with a love of music and with stalwartedness in spades..they are teachers Mr Eric Rimer and Mr Bill James. His praise of them is highlighted by me here to give balance, as a few contributors to this website's guestbook have expressed alternative views

Reminiscences of Old Goats (my title, not theirs) gathered from Caprians at the 50th Anniversary concert was published

Diamond Jubilee Pic 2013

The following sent in by Ian Wells 10th July 2016

L to R
Jeff Child, Richard Davies, Ian Wells, Terry Nelson, George Russell, Richard Soper, Hugh Hedley

The seven surviving original members of the Caprians. 
This occasion was the celebration of Jeff Child’s 80th birthday, he being the last of the group to reach that milestone.  He and Darrylyn, his wife, came over from their home on Vancouver Island and took a house in Beadnell for a couple of weeks.  They invited about twenty for a buffet lunch at the Craster Arms, and then we went back to the house to continue catching up, reminiscing and etc. sixty-three years after we first got together as a group.  Richard Davies has moved back to the area and has rejoined the Caprians, so there are four of us still involved.

Bringing Down The Curtain

Jon Bratton writes...
Always intended to, but never managed to, see The Caprians in concert so attending
this, the final Farewell Concert, was a must..and I'm so glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed it and met a few people, who spoke to me, having spotted I was sporting the old school tie.

The Caprians Farewell Concert on Sunday 10 Dec 2017

 I took some video but the chap with the camera, Charlie Hedley had a professional video set up so I'll wait until that emerges.
It has emerged and here it is. Enjoy!

Video by Charlie Hedley Photography.....