A school magazine has been in existence since before WWII, though we don't as yet know its pre-war name. Due to evacuation, paper shortage and perhaps other reasons there was no magazine during the war years 1939-44. In July 1945 the first "The Apple Cart" was published. (The founders were studying George Bernard Shaw ) We know of the existence of the pre war magazine because G L R Brown in the first issue of The Apple Cart says "It might...have been called "The Phoenix" rising from the ashes of its predecessor, decently interred many years ago.
The first Apple Cart of July 1945 was followed by April 1946, July 1946, Dec 1946, July 1947, Dec 1947, June 1948
A name change was sought but Vol 1 of the newly sized magazine published in Jan 1949 was called The Magazine because a suitable name had not emerged. Volume 2 was in July 1950 and it carried the new name of "The Caprian". From then on it was produced annually... July 1951, July 1952, July 1953, July 1954, July 1955. There was none in 1956 presumably because of the turmoil surrounding the departure of the girls to the newly built Girls Grammar School.

Most of the contents of the magazines we have are in the relevent sections eg Drama Club stuff is in the Productions section. Poems etc are in the Starting Year sections of the authors.
Here we have Editorials and miscellaneous stuff.

All the magazines from the first Applecart through to the last Caprian published in Dec 1966 are available for viewing or copying in 3 bound volumes in the Local History section of Gateshead Library. They are not out on display but you only have to ask. Or you could just wait until your overworked webmaster gets round to adding all the material on here