Lost to us early are



 Livingstone 1943 (Bike accident 1948)

Ray Cadwallader 1960 (car crash 1970) 

Les Tait 1959 (shot in USA in 1972)


 Philip Jobson on the school long photo from 1961.  Philip died of cancer in 1963 while he was at the grammar school, he was 14 and a half.
He is the black haired boy on the left of the photo, section 16.

Maurice Dingwall 1941 (heart attack in 1973 during football match)

He was 43 years old and a Staff Tutor for the Open University in the North-West He attended the Summer School at York and played football for the OU Staff v. the Students. He had a heart attack on the field and tragically died.
He was a wonderful man, father of four daughters by his widow, Mary.

 Fred Higgs 1960 (disease 90's),

 Denis Bratton 1952 (disease 1992)

 Billy Morton 1960 (cancer '05)

Alan Cooper 1958

Ken Thompson 1958

John McGregor died May 2011 1958

Geoff Ruddick died 2012 1958

Ray Smith died 2004 1960

David Dick died in a car crash in about 1994 1956

Vic Hall died 2015 1960

Alan Patterson died on 13 July 2016 1951

Gateshead Post, Friday, May 5th 1972

A 23 year old ...Mr Leslie Tait....has been shot dead in Detroit, USA

The Gateshead Post, famous for "Cat Battered Outside Chip Shop" has had few headlines, over the years, to match this one in significance

Included as a tribute to Les ( Spud )
Many of you will no doubt  feel ,as I do, priviledged to have known him and would have wished to have had more time with him
R.I.P. Les 

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