Starting Year 1952
Gateshead Grammar School

B.Row: Speakman; Wise; Thompson; Aitchison; Evans; Wright; Skelton; Donnelly; Butler M.Row: Dickson; Burns; Lancaster; Henderson; Drummond; Iredale; Isherwood; Murgtroyd; Delves;; Ramsay; Parkinson; Bratton; Parker F.Row: Grabham; Thirlwell; Storey; Martin; Burnhope; Cross; JR Brown; Vilenski; Hoy; Bruce; Willis; Paxton; Gilhespie
Submitted by Dalziel Aitchison

John Steel (DOB 4th Feb 1941) was in this year group and went on to be the drummer of The Animals pop group and he currently owns the rights to The Animals name

Denis Bratton married Delyse Noel and have 3 children. Denis died on 5th June.1992

Derek Evans writes

"Brilliant. Went to school with Denis Bratton and a year below Malcolm Bratton. Left in 1959. Still looking for Stewart [Sten ]Wilkinson."

From the Guestbook, Jim Farquhar writes

"Frankie Lambs car was pushed from its parking space, down the ramp between Physics and the Tech Block, and rammed into the wall of the domestic science room.May be 53-54-55???
In the early Fifties, G,G,S, was, statistically ,the most difficult grammar school in the U.K. to get into(.See O.U. research)
In 1956, our "O" level results were reputedly the best in England, supposedly toppling Manchester Grammar off their top spot.
Pupils of my time will remember the many hours we spent sitting in the roof space above Jakey Robertsons room, entered by removing a panel on staircase in the region of The Locket, perched in the roof timbers, having a Senior Service, and then for a change removing the wood panelling under the stairs of the Gym and entering the huge voids under the classrooms from the Machanics Lab., through Geology and below all the classrooms on the front side of the school, until reaching the "Bosses " room.En route,many daft pranks were played on the occupants of the rooms,and we thought we were listening in to very important words from the "Boss" (G.L.R.) when under his room. We could also get into the boiler room below the Tower, where the old rifles from the pre-war cadet force were stored, and this made a favourite smoking room for, mainly,6A pupils.
Then of course there were the never ending card games in The Ducket, at Enfield and North Dene, and the odd lessi=on here and there.
Propbably most memorable was the banning of the Under 14 rugby team for underage drinking in the old club house of Gateshead Fell R.C.
This led directly to the formation of the G.G.S Soccer Club, strips provided by Dabs Urwins Dad(the Bookie from down our part of Gateshead)Short lived but successful.Somewhere I have a photo taken in the school hall, circa1955. I beleive Peter Scott was the Captain then.
Despite having Ian Tindall, perhaps on the verge of becoming right half for the England Amateur XI as P.E. teacher, soccer was discouraged (forbidden) in the school, and unjustly denied students the possibility of shining in "The Hot Bed of Soccer", as well as creating another sporting achievement strand to match the rugby achievements of the boys who progressed through the `County teams to International status.
Lots more happy memories to share at the next re-union???
Benny Howe and I are arranging a get together soon, and would like to know of interest."