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Jon Bratton says

In producing this website.. which started small, and through wonderful, welcome contributions, I have seen everything in every era, every nuance, about Gateshead (Secondary) Grammar..the sports clubs, the hobby clubs, the theatrical productions, the views of teachers and so on, through an extended period I couldn't, nor could anyone else, have experienced.
 I feel ashamed that, when I attended the institution, of which I am immensely proud, I submitted nothing to the school magazine, joined not a single society/club, was not in a single play, didn't participate, never mind, excel at any sport, and coasted ungratefully through this institution, which, by any standard, was truly special. Was it my non-participation that prompted me, in my own attempt at atonement, to create this website, give it the credit and profile it deserves. I didn't have this in mind..but I now think that's what motivated me

It is surprising to more than just me, that, despite this website having had a high profile in the Search Engines for more than a decade, so few have been in touch. We've had contact from pupils from Intake Years, say, 1940 to 1967 so that's a potential of over 3000 pupils and less than 10% have actually been in touch
So, if you're hovering, do it. And if you've just found us, do it now. It's your duty to your descendants. When you're won't be forgotten.. if you leave this audit trail. 

The Intake Years section was two-thirds of the way down the Navigation Buttons and a little difficult to spot as the site growed and growed so I've moved it (2013) to the top..immediately below the Home Page button. Click on that and it opens up to reveal all the Intake Years (aka Starting Years). Click on yours to see which classmates have been in touch. If you get in touch, your comments will be included too. And you can say what you like (tho' some comments have had a tad of censorship, particularly since teachers have descendants too!) This website is by pupils for pupils, by teachers for teachers. If you're a bit prissy about giving your details, get over yourself. This will be a resource for genealogists in the future and they'll love to see details of their great, GREAT! Grandads/Grandmas... so spill the beans and leave a GREAT! legacy

And send in a current photo...if you don't want to show that your parting is bigger than it used to be, wear a hat..if your waistline is less trim than you'd like, or bits have now headed south, send in a head and shoulders pic... 

Joe Shyman from Intake Year 60, taking it too far

...your classmates want to see how you've fared...not to mock...we're all pensioners or close to it... but just because they're interested in what became of buddies, contemporaries, classmates, so man up.. and that includes the girls.
 If you send me your potted history please state if you're happy for me to also show your email. I'll not include it, unless you specifically say so