Chair Legging 2

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In fear of an email from Det Supt Pullman, or her Geordie staff Jack Halford or Brian Lane of the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS) Jon Bratton cautiously writes

"I think it was in 1965, allegedly between

O (5th Form)
C (1st year 6th)

 It is surmised that C was a prefect who admonished O, famous for not taking instructions from teachers, never mind junior prefects. Any way they were to settle their differences as pugilists, on the field behind the swimming baths, some 200 yards or so from the school's main entrance on Avenue Road.
News traveled round the school and at 4 o' clock the entire body of pupils left from the same gate and walked en masse towards the field of combat. Teachers became aware of something big happening and it is likely that a call was made to the Police. 
Someone (identity now unknown) who was walking near to the O oppos, the C camp being some 50 yards ahead, allegedly saw one of O's mates sidle up and slip a chair leg to O who immediately took flight towards C. C became aware of the cudgel wielder hurtling towards him and took flight but O had the momentum and caught C a clout or two to the head, producing a split and much blood. Game over. Pupils separated..
..C's too no doubt"
Have you anything that you surmise should be added or corrected. Please email