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Verna Cornelius nee Clarke
25th Feb 2010
Starting Year 1950

Thank you for everything. I couldn't believe all the info. you had on
me !!
I am enjoying reading the website and catching up with all the news. I
saw some of my old boyfriends in there. Alex Glasgow,
Mike Iley for example.
Thanks again,


Jim Farquhar (
Date: Thu 29 Jan 2009 18:33:10 GMT
Subject: 1952-58

Frankie Lamb's car was pushed from its parking space, down the ramp between Physics and the Tech Block, and rammed into the wall of the domestic science room. May be 53-54-55???
In the early Fifties, G,G,S, was, statistically ,the most difficult grammar school in the U.K. to get into (.See O.U. research)
In 1956, our "O" level results were reputedly the best in England, supposedly toppling Manchester Grammar off their top spot.
Pupils of my time will remember the many hours we spent sitting in the roof space above Jakey Robertson's room, entered by removing a panel on staircase in the region of The Locket, perched in the roof timbers, having a Senior Service, and then for a change removing the wood paneling under the stairs of the Gym and entering the huge voids under the classrooms from the Mechanics Lab., through Geology and below all the classrooms on the front side of the school, until reaching the "Bosses " room.En route,many daft pranks were played on the occupants of the rooms,and we thought we were listening in to very important words from the "Boss" (G.L.R.) when under his room. We could also get into the boiler room below the Tower, where the old rifles from the pre-war cadet force were stored, and this made a favourite smoking room for, mainly,6A pupils.
Then of course there were the never ending card games in The Ducket, at Enfield and North Dene, and the odd lesson here and there.
Propbably most memorable was the banning of the Under 14 rugby team for underage drinking in the old club house of Gateshead Fell R.C.
This led directly to the formation of the G.G.S Soccer Club, strips provided by Dabs Urwins Dad (the Bookie from down our part of Gateshead) Short lived but successful.Somewhere I have a photo taken in the school hall, circa1955. I believe Peter Scott was the Captain then.
Despite having Ian Tindall, perhaps on the verge of becoming right half for the England Amateur XI as P.E. teacher, soccer was discouraged (forbidden) in the school, and unjustly denied students the possibility of shining in "The Hot Bed of Soccer", as well as creating another sporting achievement strand to match the rugby achievements of the boys who progressed through the `County teams to International status.

(Jim have a look at the bigger picture)

Lots more happy memories to share at the next re-union???
Benny Howe and I are arranging a get together soon, and would like to know of interest.


Name: David Forrest, CBE (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 2009 08:04:01 GMT
Subject: 1951-58

These years aren't very well covered so far and it would be intriguing to find out what happened to friends from all those years ago. Vivid memories of Rimer who put me off physics for ever--Miss Oates who commanded absolute control without ever raising her voice---a nice, but ineffective headmaster and authoritarian deputy head. Academically, the school then was probably the weakest grammar school in England and yet, in Gateshead, we were privileged to be there. Very few of us went on to University. But it could be fun, especially in the 6th forms in 57/58 when the girls in those years didn't transfer to the new Girl's Grammar. And we all remember the Springfield.


Name: richard jardine (
Date: Mon 19 Jan 2009 11:05:25 GMT
Subject: no real affection

dont look back with any real affection. remember anxieties over foggies friday, homework, and being too weird for bullies to bother with. 'new intake' girls were welcome during testosterone fueled 5th%266th form hello valerie hutchinson and hazel corr. one of whom was caught out by police during lunchtime pints in springfield oh happy days. wish i still had my school hair. hello also to geoff, Ian, Nigel, Angus and others mainly known by surname.
a fine site by the way looks every bit as grim as i remember it. dont miss the never ending round of gilbert and sullivan operettas although being backstage was a highlight except for the day when on the lighting gantry i was blown through the trap door when the fuse blew as i was changing it. happy days.


Name: Tony Stafford (
Date: Sat 13 Dec 2008 12:54:02 GMT
Subject: Attended GGS 54-61

Really enjoyed the website, evoked lots of memories of the school, teachers and classmates. Surprised to learn from David Rimer that his father was a man of great humanity and humility, well he kept that well hidden during the four years when he tried to drive some Physics into my head and to develop my singing skills - any more 'groaners' out there?
Fond memories of 'Bill' Calcott, form teacher in year 4 and History master. he really made the lessons live and treated us with respect - remember ariving at his lesson once to find a complete battle laid out on the board, must have taken him ages to prepare.
'Moses' Gilchrist taught us how to make the best chips following a visit he made to The Holy Land - use olive oil not lard and parboil them before frying was his advice!
Also recall a school trip to Palma overland one Easter. Took over 2 days to get there by train and boat but it was a great experience including a trip round Barcelona old town, visit to a bullfight and an after curfew escape to a night club where we drank cheap Spanish bubbly - Exhibition not available.


Name: paul (
Date: Wed 22 Oct 2008 21:37:45 BST
Subject: sailtwell senior high

hi i just wanted to no if u want any pictures for your website of saltwell senior high i live facing the land which the school was built on (30 years on avenue road) my email i have pics of when the school was there and pics of when it was got demoished in the 90,s because of fire....


Name: Tony Bell (
Date: Tue 14 Oct 2008 16:39:07 BST
Subject: New Entry

Just came across the site by accident - started GGS for Boys in 1958 but don't remember many of the names so I don't think that anyone will remember me! I was in 1G with Mr Gosney as form teacher but then things deteriorated rapidly as my inepititude in maths was discovered and I sat in the back of the class for the last 3 years of Maths as there was no remedial teaching in those days. Got mixed up with 2 "bad lots" - Pee Wee Bridges and Arthur Hilary Preston and that was that.
I do remember some of the teachers - Mr Fawcett bounced a blackboard rubber off my head (which may expalin a lot0 and I found Mr Clinning (French) Mr Davidson (Woodwork) both very good teachers as was Mr J R Brown. Some of the others left a bit to be desired and I remember Mr Crawford (PE) with absolute horror when he appeared tp leave a boy with a broken arm until the end of the lesson.

Anybody remember the incident at North Dene with the flick knive in the Common Room? The whole class were beaten as no-one would say who had the knive - was it McPhee?


Name: Geoff Hume (
Date: Thu 09 Oct 2008 16:46:48 BST
Subject: Comprehensive days

Excellent site, aand very welcome for those of us who live in other parts of the country. I started in 1964 at the new school and was there when it went Comp. I recall the Music teacher Mr Skipsey (form master at the time) telling us that young ladies were joining us so we had to be on our best behaviour and set a good example. How wrong can you be; some of the first girls looked more masculine than the lads. Regrettably the aim of Comprehensive schools in levelling standards upwards was about 180 degrees wrong and I witnessed a sharp decline.

Been living in Derbyshire now since 1996 and don't spend enough time visiting my beloved Gateshead.

Fond memories.....


Jeff Packer (
Date: Tue 17 Jun 2008 18:11:25 BST
Subject: Great to see some names and pictures I know !!

Hello all readers
If Lindsay Brydon reads this, I was one of Leslies mates, the Monkey Tree is doing well.
Was at the old school starting in 1959, left in 1966 from the 'new school' on Avenue Road in 66/7.
Not much mention of 'Foggies Friday'. and putting mR Gregories Mini in the middle of the Rugby Pitch.
Agnes Lamb ( What a nasty piece of work), Loui Theakstone. 'Geoff' Addison, 'Dr Death' Caffery. and many, many others who made our time there so rewarding.
lots of happy memories



Name: Jeff Packer (
Date: Tue 17 Jun 2008 17:54:09 BST
Subject: Rosie Mather

Hi Rosie
Just to say hello, you won't remember me, but with Billy Colley we use to hang about the Lobley Hill Youth Clubs. Great times !
Hope you are well
Take Care


Les Carter (
Date: 17:50:59 BST
Subject: Start Year 1963

Excellent website - I have seen the cheeky comment re my website ( and have now included suitable comments under the school badge pic. (like hens teeth those badges you know!)

I was at the school 1963 - 1968 %26 had a great time. Love the photos of the old tutors.

Keep up the good work.



Name: Derek Evans
Date: 11/19/2007
17:16 h
Subject: GGS

Brilliant. Went to school with Denis Bratton and a year below Malcolm. Left in 1959. Still looking for Stewart [Sten ]Wilkinson.


Name: Dr A Peter (Israel) now Miller
Date: 11/17/2007
16:43 h
Subject: Start Year 1941

I preceded you at the Grammar School, being an "Arts" type from 1943 to 1948.(I had come to England in 1939 as a refugee and had a different style of school career. Your account, however, brings back so many memories which overlapped your time there and mine, especially the staff under GLR Brown ! Gateshead was my last of 17 schools in four countries that I attended, and the best one. Several jobs after Durham University as a student and a member of staff there, and at Newcastle University, preceded my last appointment as the first Regional Director of the Open University in the North in 1969. I took early retirement in 1984. But I always remember that we at the Boys` Grammar were considered to the "clotted cream". APM. Hexham 01434603494


Name: Brian French
Date: 11/17/2007
12:42 h
Subject: Starting Year 1951

Brilliant work! Enjoyed going through it but it took some time!! Brought back some memories. Was in the same year as Malcolm (1951-1956) as you can see on Friends Reunited. Haven't been in the Black Horse for about 4 years, since I moved to Chester le Street but always enjoyed a pint there. I used to go there on Sunday lunch times, in the late 50s, early 60s. Still remember the cheese and pickles on the bar. Maybe we'll meet up there for a pint one day.


Name: John Davison
Date: 09/04/2007
09:52 h
Subject: Start Year 1960

Hi John, Long time, no see, to coin a phrase.
Excellent site, brought back a lot of memories.
Brief Bio - Married 1971 to Sheila, 2 sons Chris and Peter, and 1 (so far) granddaughter. Still local (High Spen) and still working, including the 'Morocco' bit from time to time.


Name: David Neil
Date: 07/12/2007
16:57 h
Subject: GGS

A pint if anybody knows what SUNWACD stands for and which master invented it.The master was famous for throwing blackboard dusters at you.


Name: David Collingwood
Date: 06/05/2007
10:42 h
Subject: Start Year 1960

Brilliant site - lots of memories. Can't be with you at re-union - away on Rhine Cruise.
When I've found out where to put a potted CV, I'l duly put one!


Name: Mike Gentles
Date: 05/30/2007
09:49 h
Subject: Start Year 1960

Hi Jon
Hoos the gannin on?
I think I can make 6th July at the Angel if its an evening do. We're in Northumberland with family that weekend. (Home is Lichfield, Staffs---more of that later as I'm supposed to be working at present!)
Hope to see you.
Mike(ne Micky)


Name: Athol Hall
Date: 05/29/2007
11:17 h
Subject: Start Year 1960

Excellent site, Jon. Brought back loads of memories. I might have a few names for the unidentified faces if you're interested. I'll pass your site details on to a few other '67ers I keep in touch with. Been living south of Bristol since the 70s but up North from time to time so might meet up. Keep well.


Name: Jim Robson
Date: 05/22/2007
21:05 h
Subject: Start Year 1958

I've really enjoyed looking at the pictures of my old school, teachers and old friends. I attended 1958 to 1964 and had many good friends - Spud Tait, Brian Sanders, Alan Donnison, Don Fenwick, Steve Thompson, Gordon Steven, Paul Gaynor, Bill Tait, Dusty Miller, David Bowman.....the list goes. Thanks for the memories.

Name: Derek Harrison
Date: 03/21/2007
11:58 h
Subject: Start Year 1958

Hi I loved your GGS page. Brings it all back. I'm two years older than you and we've a reunion with Lee Hetherington and Stu Monro in Sept 2007. We'll all be 60!


Name: Barry Knock
Date: 02/24/2007
23:03 h
Subject: Start Year 1960

John - great site! Drop me an email some time.

Name: Ian "Drumgo" Burns
Date: 02/24/2007
18:09 h
Subject: Start Year 1960

John - this is fantastic mate!!
I've used the nagger's email 'cos I'm a luddite and only got a work one!!
Give us a bell on 01903 744902 (West Sussex)- but bought a little flat in Low Fell last year!


Name: Vic Pearson
Date: 02/12/2007
09:54 h
Subject: Start Year 1947

I was at Gateshead Grammer School from 1947-1951.
Came to South Africa in 1953.
Went to visit the old school with my family in 1993 and found that the buildings had been demolished. Sad even

Name: David Rice
Date: 11/24/2006
15:30 h
Subject: GGS

Throat choking memories of the few days I actually turned up.

I last saw Jim and Vic at a party in the flats off Gateshead High Street round about 1966.

I did bump into Colin Oliver in Hexham about 1985 - he was living next door to the mother of my partner at the time.

Name: David Rimer
Date: 11/16/2006
00:19 h
Subject: Eric Rimer

Fascinating to see the old pictures - including my father, Eric Rimer .(the 'iron clasp') , but really a man of great humanity and humility.

Name: John Deas
Date: 11/13/2006
11:57 h
Subject: GGS

went to gateshead grammar school with your cousin Denis

Name: John McKenzie
Date: 11/03/2006
21:16 h
Subject: GGS

Yes that is me with the ice cream quiff and the Devils horns, thanks.
I have a very good memory and could help you with names, eg in a picture where you mention some names of teachers such as Theakstone, Mock etc the one you missed out was Joe Davison on the left. A wonderfull man a great philospher not just a woodwork teacher. He helped mould a lot of boys characters, thanks for your work and when I am up home at Christmas I would love to se any old boys.

John McKenzie

Name: Gary Swaddle
Date: 10/10/2006
23:04 h
Subject: GGS

Great nostalgia. I was head boy
[1964]in 1971 under Caffrey and Speed. Only remember the Senior High on Rectory Road although part of the old building remained for several years. Now live in Memphis Tennessee. Glad I had such a basic upbringing on Tyneside. Loved Saltwell Park. Best wishes to all old pals. Gary


Name: George Charlton
Date: 09/30/2006
12:58 h
Hi Jon,
Subject: Start Year 1961

This is a great site: much more intimate than Friends Reunited.
I was at the Boys Grammar from 1961-1968 (the year below you), but remember a lot of the names and faces here.
I still keep in touch with Mal Hope (Head Boy '65-'66) and Ed Smith -both two years above me. From my own year I hear from John Morwood, who now lives in Tasmania. He was mates with Gus Munro and Dave Waugh. We sometimes used to meet in the back room (left hand side) of the Black Horse on a Friday night for a couple of pints before going into town. In those days, for £1-0s-0d, you could buy ten Stirling, get pissed, and still have change for the busfare home.
I also remember Jim Harker from the Art Room, and Ian 'Dringo' Burns, who sold me a Webley air-pistol before going on to become a Top Gun in the RAF.
I got engaged to Marilynn Marshall (the newsagent's daughter) in 1969; eventually getting married in 2005.
I could go on ... but maybe over a pint in the Black Horse.

Name: Leslie Searle
Date: 09/27/2006
21:06 h
Subject: Oversesas 30 years

gateshead boys grammar-i was there in the thick of it many names remembered i am even there i been overseas for 30 yrs visit gateshead monthly how do we meet up

Name: Roger Scholes
Date: 07/21/2006
00:57 h
Subject: Starting Year 1960

Fascinating website, Jon. I left Gateshead Grammar in 1962 but must be on the school photo somewhere. Paid for a copy but never received it to my regret. Until I got married nearly 7 years ago I returned to Newcastle every other weekend following the Magpies. Often wondered if people I saw in the street were my old schoolmates - I'm amazed to read several of them meet up on a regular basis in the Black Horse. Always used to have a pint in the Aletaster before returning to Nottingham on Sunday evenings. So near yet so far.
My Geordie friend and I tried to drink our way round Nottingham in the same way you have done in Gateshead before he lost his job. Would probably have done the same in Gateshead if we'd still been living there.
If you have a re-union please include me - I still have a copy of the School Magazine for 1961 somewhere.
Best wishes,
Roger Scholes

Name: John Johnson
Date: 07/06/2006
23:03 h
Subject: GGS 1958

Millenium Bridge
Gateshead Grammar School

Picture DSCF4943.JPG
row in front of and between teachers Addison and Davidson

John Johnson Gateshead Director of Design for the bridge


Name: Roland Adamson
Date: 04/02/2006
10:19 h
Subject: Start Year 1959

Thanks for the memories, Gateshead Grammar 1959/64.I can't remember that panorama being taken but I can see me, in fact I managed 4 of me in different shots.
Sorry to read about Les Tait, I was not only at Grammar with him but went all thru primary at Glynwood PS, Sheriff Hill with him, knew him wellfrom 7/18.
I can put a few names to faces on those pictures which I think would be around 60/61 putting me in 2 or 3D but I can\t remember the photo being taken. I left England in '67 %26 haven't managed to get back.
Roland Adamson, NSW, Australia


Name: Lindsay Brydon
Date: 03/08/2006
11:03 h
Subject: Starting Year 1957

jesus i,ve been living abroad for many years 40 to be exact.married toa swedish girl 2kids aged 16,17 thelad plays ice hockey the girl football for swedens u.17 team.what a surprise to find your site.
i remember the faces as if it was yesterday especially the teachers(for want of a better word).I attended STALAG 17 between the years 1957-1962 love to hear from you.
med vänlig hälsningar

Name: Andy Muir
16:46 h
Subject: GGS

have never seen so many pictures of my old school and fellow pupils have really enjoyed browsing through your website . a bit too late to take up rugsy again at 56 but i am still playing just turned 56 for gateshead 4th team have been involved with the club ever since alan green took us up there from the grammer school in 1962-3.tell me when you meet for your singles club and i will pop up and see you ttfn.


Name: Phillip Latheron
Date: 12/30/2005
20:12 h
Subject: GGS website

Drill down to

Name: Colin David Hay
Date: 12/19/2005
15:13 h
Subject: Start Year 1956

I stumbled upon your web page and I am fascinated with the photos.However I need a bit of time to absorb all of your info.I attended Gateshead Grammar School between 1956-1961 and recognise most of the buildings and locations although not many of the faces.Most of the teachers are familiar.I had many a whack from Slipper Sam's plimsole and do still poccess a class photo with our form master 'Wacky Jacky Robertson' I do recall the incident when Tom Thumb's mini was carried into the courtyard.I believe that was in the summer of 1961. I also used to spend a lot of time with Lee Hetherington during the late 1950's although he probably doesn't remember me these days.
Many thanks
Colin Hay


Name: Malcolm Magnay
Date: 12/03/2005
18:49 h
Subject: Start Year 1960

A fantastic collection of memories from my grammar school days. I was saddened to learn of the passing of Billy Morton who was a good friend at school, although we had lost touch. If you do arrange a reunion I would be pleased to attend. Regards Malcolm Magnay 1960-1966

Name: John Pickard
Date: 11/20/2005
20:38 h
Subject: Starting Year 1959

Thanks for the pictures. i was at the Grammar School from 1959 to 1966 and i enjoyed in particular the wide panorama picture (my copy of which is long lost). I recognised a lot of the pictures of my old student mates and teachers. thanks again.


Name: Ian MacFarlane
Date: 11/16/2005
00:52 h
Subject: Start Year 1953

Thanks for the site. I was at the Grammar from 53 to 60. i am sure there were two brothers Denis and I cannot remember the older brothers first name but it may be Malcolm.
I enjoyed the pictures a couple of names you might have missed were J.R Brown, English and ? Howe also English, also Mr Prest who I believe was Spanish speaking but taught French.
I have been in Ontario since 66.
Thanks again

Name: John McKenzie
Date: 11/06/2005
21:55 h
Subject: Start Year 1958

Attended the school from September 1958 to December 1962.

Was in school athletics team and if you can find in your long photo of 61 was in the back row on the right as you llok with hair turned up like 2 cream horns either side of my head. More like devils horns than cream horns really.

Will be in Low Fell between Christmas and New Year and often call in the Black horse with my cousin Harry Laidler (now about 55 or 56 did you know him ?)

Would love to see that picture when I come up.

All the best



Name: Susan Hetherington nee Walton
Date: 08/04/2005
15:58 h
Subject: Start Year 1958

Enjoyed your web page, seeing lots of faces from the past. I am married to the imfamous Lee Hetherington. I keep in touch with Pat Young nee Wood, she is married to Dave Young. We all still live in Low Fell!


Name: Gary Swaddle
Date: 05/27/2005
16:59 h
Subject: Start Year 1961

Thanks for the nostalgia!
Was HeadBoy @ Saltwell in '67.
Lived in Edmundbyers co Durham for 21 years. World travelled using my languages from schooldays thru Univ of Hull. Now remarried living in Memphis,Tennessee.


Name: Dave Hogg
Date: 05/24/2005
22:33 h
Subject: Startig Year 1955

Grammar from '55 to'59. Left at 15 to join RAF boy entrants to escape family break up and associated violence. Now living in Hampshire. Also in Phuket for tsunami. Coming north this weekend for speech therapy and again in sept for a class reunion at the Springfield, where else ?


Name: Vic Hall
Date: 02/17/2005
17:51 h
Subject: Start Year 1960

If you are going to put me on this site you could use a more flattering picture (Richard Gere perhaps ??)

Best regards

Name: Dave Waugh
Date: 02/12/2005
18:17 h
Subject: start year 1960

Great to hear from you. Enjoyed the website and nice to see those old pals. Very shocked to hear about Fred. What happened? Is Joanna OK . I will contact Les Knight.
John, what is your email address. regards Dave


Name: Ian Nichols
Date: 02/06/2005
20:48 h
Subject: Start year 1960

great to hear from you....its Mr Curry in the form photo by the way not cowell. Cowell deserted to heathfield and died some years ago