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Per Ken Norton (1944)

A group of boys and girls from the 5th and 6th were taken to the Lakes by J R Brown, H Morris and two lady members of staff. Hired boots; first experience of sleeping in a dormitory.Stayed at hostels in Keswick, Hawkshead, Troutbeck, Grasmere and Kendal. Remember –soaking wet and sheltering in Honister slate mine....John Hawkins stuffing JRB’s rucksack with his old copies of “The Times”-not found until the end of the week.

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Ski trip to Gol, Norway April 1966...details, anyone?
Ask and you shall receive. This one, with written description, comes courtesy of Peter Long Intake Year 1965

As for the school trip to Gol Norway it was in April 1966, we left the Tyne commisioner's quay on the Fred Olsen Lines ship "Braemar". If I remember correctly we had two nights aboard the ship and the food was fantastic and the cabins were tiny. The trip was supervised by Mr Brunskill, Mr Cook and Mr Noble-Nesbit. 

After arriving in Oslo we took a train to the town of Gol. On the train ride we were served lunch in the dining car and the only seat available for myself and my buddy John Jennings was at a table with an extremely pretty young lady. We were 12 years old and she was about 20. Anyway Mr Brunskill saw us as well as the pretty young lady and saw an opportunity to introduce himself to the said young lady. He came over and in his sternest teacher voice he inquired if we were bothering her. To which she said no but Mr Brunskill decided to take the seat next to her to make sure we did not bother her but in reality he spent the rest of the train journey chatting her up. It was said that he had he eventually married her but that could be incorrect. If he did , you owe me a beer pal.

At the ski resort there had been a mix up and no rooms were available in the hotel so we were put up in a dining room on the floor with sleeping bags for maybe two nights. Once settled into the hotel proper it was quite the party atmosphere with the hotel having several boisterous nights for the locals. Rumor has it on one morning one of the students went to the room that the teachers were sharing and saw a ladies bra hanging from the light fixture.

The ski holiday was quite good although we had to ski all day everyday which was a bit much. I do remember a student named Hallet who was a big brave lad coming down one hill way too fast a crashing into a barbed wire fence and ripped his pants to shreds.

The return journey was again on another Fred Olsen Lines ship called the "Blenheim" which again had fantastic food and tiny cabins.

I don't remember too many names on the photo but these are the ones I do remember;

Starting back row left to right, DK = Don't know

DK, DK John Jennings, someone is hidden and just in front is Bond, Peter Long, DK, Mr Cook, DK, Tony Palister, Mr Noble-Nesbit, Hallet, Starky.

Front row kneeling;

Joe Watson, Arthur Rudd, DK, DK, DK, Peter McTaggert, Luxton, Alan Mitchell.