Starting Year 1965
Gateshead Grammar School

April 1968,
Back row L to R; Donny Clarke, Pete Fish, Rusty Roberts,Ken Blythe,Clive Nichols, Derek Foster, Duncan Moon, Paul Fenning, JJ Thompson, Arthur Rudd.
Middle Row L to R; Paul Dodgin, ? Purvis, Dave Anslow, John Jennings, Ken Lilly, Peter Long, Ian Urquhart, Maurice Curran, Alan Mitchell, Tony Pallister.
Front row L to R; Steve Greener,Gordon Banks?Ivor Berry, Tom McNally, Mr Thorne, Nigel Hepple, Gary Wilson, Neal Millburn, Ken Hadfield. Thx to Tony Pallister for updating some names.
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Peter Long

April 1968, 3rd form rugby team.
 Back row L to R; Neal Milburn, Derek Pentland, Steve Brunger, Allan Milne, Brian Gray, Eric Wadge, John Jennings, Alan Ropson, Joe Watson.
Front row L to R; Mr Gardiner, Peter Long, Steve Rigg, Ray Munn, Gerry Robson, Graham Carss, Brian Stokoe, Rusty Roberts, Pete Johnstone.
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1971 6th form with Pop Howe submitted by Kevin Cowell

Peter Long has been in touch

 I'm glad you're taking the trouble to document the boys grammar , thank you. I was at the boys grammar from Sept 1965 until July 1970 when I left to seek my fortune in the working world. We emigrated to Edmonton, Alberta , Canada in July 1980 and we're still here.

Peter then gives a photo and description of the GOL trip here

Two other things come to mind, I left in July 1970 and soon after, maybe a year later an extremely nice and popular guy by name of Terry Burns was killed in Gateshead by a drunk driver while on his way to church with his girlfriend, tragic. Another death I know of was Gordy Walker who died around about 1974 after a long illness, again another very nice lad.

Well I hope my ramblings can be used on your website.

Thanks muchly Peter. 
                                            His email is


Jim Barton has been in touch

Browsing your siteā€¦..I was intake 65 

Great school , great lads and great teachers ( in the main ! )

IMO ruined when turned to Comprehensive !!

Still in touch with a lot of these guys, and more, from my very happy days GGSB

 He also supplied names to faces in photographs