Starting Year 1966
Gateshead Grammar School

Michael Hood writes (in 2010)

I recently came across the web-site and have found it fascinating. Most of the stuff is prior to me being a pupil but there are people who I remember.

I was there between 1966-71 and although I didn't excel academically I have enjoyed full employment since I left. I am currently The Mayor of Gateshead until May 2011. Is it possible that I am the only ex-pupil to hold the post of Mayor? 

Councillor Michael Hood

Mayor of Gateshead


Albert Neal writes

I attended the Boys Grammar School, from 1966-1970. I was in Eldon House. I recognize many of the teachers in the photographs.

I have lived in the USA since 1974. 

I was in the US Navy, as an airman.

 I still have a pilots license, but gave up flying around 2000.


These boys are from 1966 & 67 intake

 Trevor Romeanes, Hadyn Jenkins, Ollie Gray, ? , Don Heelbeck (big willum), Steve Rigg, Ian Nicholson, ?, Stu Cameron, ?, ?, Barry Mennim, 

This is about 1971 at Chopwell Woods where they were in an Orienteering competition. Photograph by teacher Robert Best


Olly Gray (Bewick House) and Don Heelbeck ( Eldon House), Intake '66.
Compere and presenting trophies at Gateshead Rugby Club. Sat 20/5/2017