Starting Year 1951
Gateshead Grammar School

Form 1K 1951 submitted to Friends Reunited by Joan Taylor nee Wilkinson

also by Lee Hetherington

Top row 1st left Bob Avery

Form 1M
Submitted to Friends Reunited by Jim Finney

Form 4T
Submitted to Friends Reunited By Jim Finney


Malcolm Bratton

Here's Malcolm Bratton. He emigrated to Canada... married Dorothy Carrole Wilson and have 3 daughters and grandkids.They now live in Oceanside, California.

Retired This is a pic of Malcolm (left) and webmaster Jon Bratton in the famous Black Horse where they rendezvoused on 22nd March 2006 during Malcolm's Nostalgia Trip to Ol' Blighty

Also in this year group are

Pat Robinson  now Wright

Florence Stephenson now Nixon


Brian French writes

"Brilliant work! Enjoyed going through it but it took some time!! Brought back some memories. Was in the same year as Malcolm Bratton(1951-1956) as you can see on Friends Reunited. Haven't been in the Black Horse for about 4 years, since I moved to Chester le Street but always enjoyed a pint there. I used to go there on Sunday lunch times, in the late 50s, early 60s. Still remember the cheese and pickles on the bar. Maybe we'll meet up there for a pint one day. "
[Jon Bratton writes luv to see you Brian..I'm there every Tuesday night from 8 onwards]


John Robinson and Harry Dickinson (Famous Old Boy) went through school together and John was Harry's best man

John writes

Left the grammar school in 1958. In 63 I was a student at Exeter University, learning to be a teacher.In 59 I fell in love with Germany in Kiel and Luebeck. In 60 I was enjoying time at Goettingen university, in 61 I was a student teacher in the grammar school in Sigmaringen on the Danube, a very happy time. In 62 I graduated from Durham Kings, Newcastle. In 64 I was teaching at Bede grammar in Sunderland, which I disliked on account of the headmaster, Albert Budge. In 65 I was half dead in the RVI. In 66 I moved to Portsmouth. In 70 I came to Ipswich, where my first wife died. In 80 I was seconded to Trinidad for two years during the Falkland invasion, which was interesting . In 82 I returned to Ipswich with new wife and baby and am still breathing at the time of writing


Name: David Forrest, CBE (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 2009 08:04:01 GMT
Subject: 1951-58

David writes

These years aren't very well covered so far and it would be intriguing to find out what happened to friends from all those years ago. Vivid memories of Rimer who put me off physics for ever--Miss Oates who commanded absolute control without ever raising her voice---a nice, but ineffective headmaster and authoritarian deputy head. Academically, the school then was probably the weakest grammar school in England and yet, in Gateshead, we were privileged to be there. Very few of us went on to University. But it could be fun, especially in the 6th forms in 57/58 when the girls in those years didn't transfer to the new Girl's Grammar. And we all remember the Springfield.