Starting Year 1961
Gateshead Grammar School

Colin Thompson Gateshead Grammar School 1961  

Form 2D Oct 1962

B/R Jon Baptist,(?),Tom Hill, ? Edwardes,Brian Richardson,Danny Proud,John Quinn,Willy Graham,Alan Jackson,(?)
M/R (?),Les Storey,Ken Hammilton,Joe Younger, John Venner ,Malcomb Innes, Fred Richardson,Les Oxley,Jim Clemments,Les Storey
F/R John Dinnery,(?(?)Rob Sanderson,Barry Frost, Teacher Mr Ian Graham, Derek Cockrane, Peter Heel, Ray Flemming, Colin Hurst, Keith Feilding Any help with the blanks ????

Class of 1961 in 1962.
Front row from left-G. Charlton,?,?,Colin Walker,?, K. Noel(Teacher),Herring, ?,Martin, Wass, Thomas Cusack. Anyone know the rest?
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Form 4C  April 1965 
back row - ?,Peter Simpson, Andrew? McEachin,?, Ian Sinclair,?,Brian Simpson,?. Middle Row :Stuart Hay,Richard Ormston,Gerry Davidson,Bill Burnett,Willie Ross, Peter Wilson, Dave Parkin,Jim Pennington Front Row: Brian Johnson(ME),? Arrowsmith,? Wilson,Keith Huchinson,Mr Robson (teacher),Jim Hubbard, Dennis Spooner,?, Ali Lamb My apologies to those whose names I cant remember but it was 36 years ago

I also have another group for class 1D which I may submit later
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Richard Ormston has filled in a few of the ? names and has added "My working life was spent in the offshore oil construction industry working in the UK and abroad. I'm now retired and living in the Highlands of Scotland."

Gary Swaddle writes
"Thanks for the nostalgia! Was HeadBoy @ Saltwell in '67. Lived in Edmundbyers Co Durham for 21 years. World travelled using my languages from schooldays thru Univ of Hull. Now remarried living in Memphis,Tennessee."

According to the 68 Speech Day Programme the Head Boy from this Intake Year was Michael Spence

From Friends Reunited
Alistair Lamb..self employed chiropodist, Gateshead

Roger Fish

Roger Fish is on the Facebook Page
There, he submitted these photos

I was at the Grammar from 1961 to 1966.I was in 1D, then 2C, 3C, 4C and 5C. I have unfortunately lost touch with all the people I knew at school as I have not lived in Gateshead since 1971.Your site brings back loads of memories of the school. My mates throughout my time there were Stuart Hay, Den Capes, Ian Sinclair and Joe Robson.
The teachers were a mixed bunch, some were great but others were terrible and some were sadists. The good ones I remember are Mr Reed (he was my form teacher for one or two years). He was a nice guy without being too soft, I remember he lived in one of the streets off Valley Drive and he had a son who also went to the Grammar (he was a couple of years younger than us). Another good teacher was Mr Dixon who taught French. I was in the bottom set for French all my time at the grammar and not very good at it. I think Mr Dixon knew we were never going to be linguists so he made the lessons interesting telling stories about France and generally entertaining us. Another teacher I remember was Mr Walker (English) used to give wierd lines as punishment - I remember getting lines from him for having a fun fight in class. The lines were "Fisticuffs are out of place out of the square ring". One teacher who I really hated was Mr Fawcett (Latin) who only taught us for one year. I remember dreading his lessons in case he picked on you. He gave you Latin declensions to learn for homework, then in his lesson he would select someone who had to stand on his chair and recite the latin. If you got it wrong you stayed on the seat and were humiliated by him.

I have several photos from the school one of which I enclose. It is an unofficial group photo of 1D in 1962. It was taken by Ray Shirley who was a student teacher who took 1D for the last few months of the term. Thanks again for the site

Brian Johnson

The names on the photo are as follows:

Back Row L-R

Keith Hutchinson, Eddie Rowan, Eddie Wild, G Charlton, C Hurst, Ian Johnson, Rob Robson, B Richardson, Milburn

Centre Row

Wilson , Stuart Hay, Joe Robson, Brian Johnson, Keith Hamilton, Jim Hubbard, K Storey, Malcolm Inness, Derek Hickson, Hetherington

Front Row

F Richardson, Den Capes, Clementson, Price, J Younger, Les Oxley, Dave Parkin, Rob Baptist, W McEachin

Les Oxley tragically died in a scooter crash about 1968 - I knew Les well and was in the same class at South Street junior school.

PS I didnt remember all the names = they are written on the back of the photo.


John Dinnery attended GG form B from 1961 -1963. Ian Graham was Form Room teacher. "I lived up in Wrekenton on Springwell Road. Emigrated to Canada in 1963. Any old mates out there?" says he on the GGS Facebook page