The Haven in Beadnell..a great village for a reunion

There was a 
Reunion for 1956-1963 cohort

There was a reunion on Saturday 31st August 2013 at 12.30 in the Baltic, on the Gateshead waterfront.

David Riddle writes

As it is 3months since our gathering I think it worth putting a short record of the event here and judgements can be made whether there is a wish to repeat and even expand it..
The gathering for lunch and prolonged coffee at the Baltic included five old boys and three wives. They were Malcolm Burns, who has spent his whole career teaching in the North East, Geof and Linda Oliver who both did teacher training at Durham and taught in the Midlands and who are now much involved in golf, Neil and June Nicholson who have been based arround the world working in support of the oil industry, Gordon and Caroline Wilson and me, David Riddle. Bob Tindle could not come from Australia for lunch, Joe Smith and Stuart Walton were not available and Robert Reed (or Reid)- Raddish was prevented from coming by illness.
Geof recalled much of what happened and who taught us, Malcolm remembered much about corporal punishment and Neil was too busy swimming to know much about what went on. I was able to produce a Newcastle Chronicle and Journal photograph of "Pop" Willis teaching some of us Chemistry and a Sunday Times report on a rugby match where I had a special mention.
The gathering broke up late afternoon as Malcolm was off to a concert at the Sage and others had to travel. The Olivers and I went to Zizzis for supper and I left early the next morning when the Olivers had plans to meet Stuart Walton.
It was a pleasant gathering but our reach was limited. A repeat may extend that reach.


Perhaps the earliest was of those who attended the school prior to 1894 when the Local Authority took over

Indeed CLICK HERE for pics of the 1960 Year Group- 40 year Reunion...the Class of 67 reunion was held on 06/07/07/07 yes that's 6th/7th July 2007

The 1958 year Group have had 4 Reunions CLICK HERE

If you've had a reunion please send the pics. If you're planning one, you can advertise it here


Picked up on the website
Phil, Coquitlam, BC, Canada:
Returning for the 1960 year Gateshead Grammar school reunion in two weeks it's brown ale time again
[This is not thought to be Starting Year 1960..p'haps it's the finishing year]


Per Ken Norton(1944)

"Peter Miller and I went to a reunion in 1988 organised by a Mr Beck who later emigrated to Canada."

2003 Reunion

2017 Reunion...all years
Gateshead Fell Rugby Club

Back Row L-R MAC Dodd, John Williamson, Stewart Cameron, Brian Nicholson, Olly Gray., Doug Hudson.
Front Row L-R Bill Barnes, John Palmer, Brian Dodds, Haydn Jenkins.