Starting Year 1963
Gateshead Grammar School

Les Carter, who submitted this photo writes

"Excellent website - I have seen the cheeky comment re my website ( not online) and have now included suitable comments under the school badge pic. (like hens teeth those badges you know!) 
I was at the school 1963 - 1968 & had a great time. Love the photos of the old tutors. 
Keep up the good work. 
[ We've since acquired another badge for you to nick, Les]

Athol Walton has been in touch and pointed out that the Form 4 photo was wrongly on Intake Year 1964 and has kindly supplied the names of the pupils. He's looking at more stuff he can send..get in that loft, Athol.
Subsequently, he has supplied these Year 1, Year 2 and Lower 6 photos, with many names to faces. He says "That about all I can find or remember. Must put a disclaimer in for wrongful identification or spelling."

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Form 1A

back row l-r
middle row l-r
front row,
White (A.J.) Parkin,Walton,?,Henderson,Mr.Noel,Wilson,Greener,?,McVay,Lowe

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Part Year 2, April 1965
back row l-r
middle row l-r
front row l-r
?,Lowe,Wilson,?,? Mr McPhillips (without wig,see hockey team photo for alternate appearance),?,Summers,Walton,Feetham,Parkin

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Lower 6th, April 1969
back row l-r
?,Hall,Thompson (A),Blenkinsop,Bagley,Thompson (M),Farrier,Riley,Hutton,Purdom,White(A.R.)
front row l-r
Walton,Roberts,Henderson,McKay,Dixon,Mr Cleasby,Gunning,Ridley,?Summers,Lowe.

Trust this will be of use.

1967 Form 4
Submitted to Friends Reunited by David Thompson (Back/R 2nd from left

Back L-R

Lowe, Thompson, McKay, Cockburn, Gibson, White(A.R.), Quinn, Moody, Wilson, Patterson, Walton.

Second Row L-R

Riley, Henderson, Oliver, Thompson, Hutton, Weddell, Farrier, Bagley.

Front Row L-R

Venner, White(A.J.), Purdom, Roberts, Unknown Teacher (didn’t stay long with us), Hudson, Summers, Dodd, Parkin.

Anyone help with the teacher's name