Starting Year 1901
Gateshead Secondary School
(later called Gateshead Grammar)

We are unlikely to find many names of Old Boys/Girls who started at Gateshead Secondary School, as Gateshead Grammar was called then, but to kick off with we have two

Arthur Holmes of 19 Primrose Hill, Low Fell got a scholarship to the Royal College of Science in London, had a couple of proper jobs abroad Mozambique and Burma, ran a little shop in Newcastle, then ran the Geology Dept at Durham University and finished his career at Edinburgh University. In between, he dated two women, Maggie and Doris, which he married and dated the Earth in his spare time. His second marriage to Doris was after Maggie had died. He was a Geologist not a Bigamist

Bob Lawson who lived at 19 Abbey Street, Gateshead was an only child and so was Arthur Holmes. They became best pals because of this and several other things in common...they were both swots, they both played the piano, they both loved Physics/Geology and they both lived in a house numbered 19. Bob went to Armstrong College, Newcastle where he stayed on as staff after qualifying with flying colours. He later worked in Vienna and Sheffield