Starting year 1939
Gateshead Secondary School
(later called Gateshead Grammar)

Alan Eben Mackenzie Nairn 1927-2007
Gateshead Grammar School 1939-1946
A.E.M. Nairn for his bio. Respected Geologist Academic. Google his name for more
He was joint Head Boy at GGS with Derek Brown, the Headmaster's son

Peter Wilsher, 1928-2008
Top Journalist Sunday Times
Peter Wilsher for his bio

Raymond Patterson Heppell b Dec 1927
Gateshead Grammar School 1939-46

From 1939 to 1946, Ray Heppell went to Gateshead Grammar, and on to King's College, Newcastle (Durham University). He gained his BSc in Geology, Geography and Zoology in 1949, and the following year took his Diploma in Education. 

After a year off, he joined the staff of Chester-le-Street Modern School in 1952, going on to Washington Grammar-Technical School in 1953 and then in 1955 to Rutherford Grammar School in Newcastle. 

In 1963 he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. 

He joined the staff of the South Shields Grammar-Technical School for Boys on 1st January, 1967, where as well as teaching Geography, he took a major part in the careers counselling at the school and was Head of Sixth Form. 

In 1974 he was seconded for three years to the Grammar School Council's Careers and Educational Guidance project. 

Margaret Turnbull as she was when starting at the Grammar School in 1939. Her son Athol Walton followed her in 1963


Donald Rutherford

Quote from Vera on the BBC's People's War WW2 "When Tyneside was being bombed, Gateshead Grammar School pupils were evacuated to Bishop Auckland and we shared our school. We went in the mornings and Gateshead in the afternoons"
And some of you complained if you had to go to North Dene  

Can anyone give an account of the War Years?

Derek Brown

Dick Downing

Frank Rogers

Reg Snowdon

The memories of the above 4 cover 16+ pages in the excellent "Memories of Gateshead Grammar School", details of which are the Home page of this website