Starting Year 1949

David Heslop Walker who became a teacher and returned to the school

Olive Patterson

Brian Gascoigne

Pat Pat Johnson. For a pic click Caprians
She is a founder member

Ann Richardson

Graham Dixon

Betty Soper, later Liz Beetham
Arthur England
Anne Taylor, later The Revd Anne Proudley
Pat Banham

The memories of the above 4 cover 15+ pages in the excellent "Memories of Gateshead Grammar School", details of which are the Home page of this website
By Pat Banham, in her memories, are named Gibson, Swaddle, Morland, Leathley, Watson as well as David Durham, Terry Dean, Ken Parkin, Cliff Watson, John Gibson, Henry Smith, Michael Failes, Barrie Johnson, Dick Davies, Richard Straughan, Chris Murray, Brian Butler, Donald Peacock, Adrian Knight and Enid Fairburn (who was the top girl in the Scholarship), Alison Barron, Olive Madden, Dorothy Ferguson, Dawn Kermack

Irene Candlish

Passes, per Gateshead Post

David Walker, Brian Gascoigne, Michael Black, Roger Simpson