Starting Year 1943

Derek Collins. His memories cover 7 pages in the excellent "Memories of Gateshead Grammar School", details of which are the Home page of this website. Jean Lusk and Mary Carruthers (later Turner) also contributed to that book


The following comes courtesy of Norman Nicholson. In addition there's Scholarship Exam Papers, Fees, Letters all worth a read


Raymond Whittle has been in contact.

This is he, then & now
He has mentioned a few friends from then.... Patterson, Hargreaves, Pringle, Livingstone

I moved away from the North East in my twenties. Staff remembered include Mr Wheeler, Mr James, adept with the leather strap but he had nothing on Mr Rimer who " would take obvious delight in knocking hell out of boys". I will give him credit as a maths teacher

1946 Technical Classes 3T, 4T, 5T
Raymond is shown..front row, 7th from left

1948 Technical Classes 3T, 4T, 5T
Raymond is shown..back row, 1st from left



Barker P Low Fell S M, Binning M E Brighton Avenue,
Bowe D D Low Fell S M, Carruthers M Sherrif Hill, Carruthers S Alexandra Road, Chrisp C Shipcote, Crooks M Kelvin Grove, Cullen M E Shipcote, Fleck J D Brighton Avenue, Flower E J Carr Hill S M , Forrest J Kelvin Grove
Forrest W M Brighton Avenue, Forster V Carr Hill P, Gilhespie M B Low Fell S M, Gill W Brighton Avenue, Good M D Brighton Avenue, Gowland A I Harlow Green, Grant J Low Fell S M , Green P Shipcote, Greewood U Low Fell S M , Gwilliam J Low Fell S M, Hall C R Carr Hill S M, Hall J E Low Fell S M, Henry M St Philip’s R C, Hunter A D Low Fell S M, Huntley V Low Fell, Hutchinson L Kelvin Grove, Jennings B Carr Hill P, Joyce J Carr Hill P, Lemon M M Shipcote, Lockey J E Kelvin Grove, Love P J Kelvin Grove, Lund M St Joseph’s R C, Lusk J C Low Fell S M, Mack J M Shipcote, Martin M Brighton Grove, Mc Gurk M St Peter’s R C, McKay M Carr Hill P, McMillan K J Kelvin Grove, Moore D Hunwick J M, Mullholland E R St Joseph’s R C,  Neil ? J Kelvin Grove, Pattison T Brighton Grove, Ramage V Low Fell, Ramsay D Carr Hill P, Reafeley R St Peter’s R C, Reay E A Sheriff Hill, Robson S H Low Fell S M,  Sanson K Alexandra Road, Shotton D Brighton Avenue, Stanway M Harlow Green, Taylor J South Street
Thoburn J Low Fell, Todd R Harlow Green, Turner M E Brighton Avenue, Turner P D Low Fell S M, Walker E J Redheugh, Walton J Brighton Avenue, Ward M Kelvin Grove, Weatherston L Brighton Avenue, Wheatley D Shipcote, Wilson E E Harlow Green, Young M Carr Hill P


Ayre D Carr Hill, Beadling G Low Fell S M, Beck C Low Fell S M, Beck L S Beaconsfield, Bell C Kelvin Grove, Binks J H Low Fell S M, Brown P St Peter’s R C, Burn J Rose Street, Burn W D Beaconsfield, Clark J B Carr Hill S M, Cole W G Shipcote, Collins W D Beaconsfield, Cook G Carr Hill S M, Cooper R Kelvin Grove, Daglish D Kelvin Grove, Dickson J R Carr Hill S M
Drew B C Low Fell S M, Dunn W N Brighton Avenue, Edwards R Low Fell S M, Ensell D Carr Hill S M, Ferguson A Shipcote, Ferguson E Brighton Avenue, Forbes H Brighton Avenue
Forster J F Low Fell S M, Gibson F Carr Hill S M, Heseldene D Harlow Green, Jackson C Harlow Green, Jackson D M Low Fell S M, Jewitt R H Shipcote, Livingston D Beaconfield
Mann B W Kelvin Grove, McDowell E T Beaconsfield, McNaughton I G Low Fell S M
Myers G Kelvin Grove, Myers K Kelvin Grove, Nicholson N E Harlow Green
Noble-Nesbitt W Carr Hill S M, Patterson M Harlow Green, Percy I R Harlow Green, Pringle I King Edward’s, Proctor D St Cuthbert’s, Rae G Kelvin Grove, Rayner R M Brighton Avenue, Readdie J A Shipcote, Reynolds B Alexander Road, Rogerson A J Shipcote, Rutherford L Low Fell S M, Rutherford R Kelvin Grove, Short A Low Fell S M, Smith W G Shipcote, Snowdon R Shipcote , Storey G Kelvin Grove, Tankerville A D Brighton Avenue, Taylor N Shipcote, Welsh F R Low Fell S M, Whittle J R Brighton Avenue, Wilkinson W Low Fell S M, Winship P S Richmond Wes, Wright J S Low Fell S M