Starting Year 1954
Gateshead Grammar School

Ist Year T Clayden
Submitted to Friends Reunited by Tony Boydell (4th from right middle row)

2nd Year Miss Scott
Submitted to Friend Reunted by Tony Boydell (extreme left middle row)


Name: Tony Stafford (
Date: Sat 13 Dec 2008 12:54:02 GMT
Subject: Attended GGS 54-61

Tony writes

Really enjoyed the website, evoked lots of memories of the school, teachers and classmates. Surprised to learn from David Rimer that his father was a man of great humanity and humility, well he kept that well hidden during the four years when he tried to drive some Physics into my head and to develop my singing skills - any more 'groaners' out there?
Fond memories of 'Bill' Calcott, form teacher in year 4 and History master. he really made the lessons live and treated us with respect - remember ariving at his lesson once to find a complete battle laid out on the board, must have taken him ages to prepare.
'Moses' Gilchrist taught us how to make the best chips following a visit he made to The Holy Land - use olive oil not lard and parboil them before frying was his advice!
Also recall a school trip to Palma overland one Easter. Took over 2 days to get there by train and boat but it was a great experience including a trip round Barcelona old town, visit to a bullfight and an after curfew escape to a night club where we drank cheap Spanish bubbly - Exhibition not available.