Starting Year 1953
Gateshead Grammar School

Ian MacFarlane writes

"Thanks for the site. I was at the Grammar from 53 to 60. I am sure there were two brothers Denis and I cannot remember the older brothers first name but it may be Malcolm.
[Malcolm (1951) and Denis (1952) Bratton]
I enjoyed the pictures
I have been in Ontario since 66.
Thanks again"

Dr Alan Robson writes

"I was at the Grammar School from 1953 -1960 then left to do medicine at St. Andrews University. Graduated in 1966. After working around Scotland and 2 years in Kenya, I eventually settled in general practice in Selby, North Yorkshire. Now retired."

Alan Robson, Kenneth England , Bill Stubbs , Alan Briggs , Alan Melstrom, Bob Johnson, Dave Younger, Keith Downey

Ron Johnson writes

I was at the GGS from 1953-1958. In those days I used to have a dandruff problem which has subsequently been cured by the advent of baldness. Some of the pupils in my year were Tony Dowling, Eric Kirton, John (Chinky) Gardiner, Dave Logan & Jimmy Gallon. Pure curiosity if you have heard from them or any others from that era I would appreciate if you could let me know as I've lost touch with them.

Peter O'Donnell started in 1953. He spent a lifetime working for The Post Office

Form 3P October 1955 with Mr Prest