Starting Year 1958
Gateshead Grammar School

1958 Form 1W submitted to Friends Reunited by Peter Foster

1958 Form 1G taken outside North Dene submitted by Brian Harrison

Brian Harrison has been in touch and supplied useful stuff. Here are his old and new photos. Can you supply a bio Brian?


Colin McLaren writes

After getting a PhD in virology and doing a post-doc in Sheffield I went to Ontario for 1+ yrs, then to NIH in Bethesda MD (to work on the original swine flu vaccine in 1976), then to North Carolina and Burroughs Wellcome, then to Syracuse NY to Bristol-Myers who transferred me to Connecticut. I retired 3 yrs ago, although I do some consulting/contract work
Although I've lived in the US for over 30 yrs, I do get over to Tyneside at times. Lee Hetherington et al have organized a few reunions for the class of '58. Here's Theakstones 1T class in 1958  I'll give you what names I know. 

Derek Harrison writes

"Hi I loved your GGS page. Brings it all back. I'm two years older than you and we've a reunion with Lee Hetherington and Stu Monro in Sept 2007. We'll all be 60!"

Colin McLaren, Ian Bertram, Dave Hudson,
Ian Oliver, Stu Monroe, John Rotheram, Richard Lamb
Alan Braithwaite, ?, Alan Cummings, Pete Curry,

 Lee Hetherington, Brian Thompson, John McGregor, Malcolm Charlton,
Harry Bell, Rod Jackson, Derek Harrison, Colin Monson,
Joe Hudson, Loui Theakstone, ?, ?,

Ken Ellis, ?, Chris McConway
Geoff Ruddick, Alan Greenwood, Dilwyn Scott, ?
John Johnson, Tom Cowell, Rod Hood 

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Form 2T


Jim Robson writes

"I've really enjoyed looking at the pictures of my old school, teachers and old friends. I attended 1958 to 1964 and had many good friends - Spud Tait, Brian Sanders, Alan Donnison, Don Fenwick, Steve Thompson, Gordon Steven, Paul Gaynor, Bill Tait, Dusty Miller, David Bowman.....the list goes. Thanks for the memories."

Ian Straughan submitted Form 5B photo Oct 1962. Left click the photo to enlarge it

Back L to R
Steve Thompson, Brian Hume, ? Robson, Alec Cowan, Dave Milford, Alan Fenwick, ? Middlemass, Brian Baker, Tom Gannon, ?, Ron Hood

Middle L to R
Ian Vardy, Colin Moss, ?, Bill Carr, Dave Arrowsmith, Brian Crow, Arthur Wild, Barry Davidson, Ken Thompson, William Clarke, Ian Straughan

Front L to R
?, Don Fenwick, Tom Cowell, Bill Pickard, Ron Brown, Mr B Bird, Tom Scherb, ?, ?, Peter Yorke, ?

Click the link if you want to know about
Ian Vardy/Brian Hume


Brian Clements writes

The only name I recognize from the site is Ian Vardy. I have memories of going back to his place after school on occasions as his parents didn't want him home alone so I went around, from memory until 6 or so, had tea and went home. I left very early in 1961 when my father transferred to London. My other memory is of the noise Ian made when learning to play the trumpet and the Rowntrees we both used to scam from one of the other boys behind the Art block.
Some of the other names which spring to mind are Leslie Tozer, Roy Bradford, Eric Little
My family has a bit of history with the school as I had a sister (starting year 1946, brother starting 1948 and another sister in 1950).
I guess my claim to fame is being thrown out of old Fawcett's Latin because I only got 11% in his exam.
Now living in Adelaide, Australia with my wife Linda. If anyone wants to make contact my email is


Also this First Year Sixth Form Group Sept 1963. Left click to enlarge

Back L to R
Colin McLaren, Ron Stell, George Keith, Peter Curry, Dilwyn Scott, Jackie Clark
Front L to R
John Johnson, Ian Leckenby, Ken Sandell, Ron Brown, Mr Roland Errington, Colin Monson, Stu Macpherson, Ian Straughan, Harry Bell

1964 VI S 1A
Left click to enlarge

The 1964 Caprian magazine records
Head Boy J. l. Osborne
Deputy Head Boy C. McLaren
School Prefects: A R Butterfield, M Charlton, N Cobon, W N Colby, A Cooper, T Cowell, P Frearson, A N Gregory, A K Greenwood, D J Hudson, J Hudson, J Johnson, R S Lamb, I G Leckenby, J S McGregor, D Milford, Stuart Monro, C C Monson, G R Roxburgh, K A Sandell, T H Scherb, D C J Scott, Malcolm S Sunter, B Thompson, A Wild
Form Prefects: B Archbold, B Baker, R Brown, A Cummings, B Crow, T Gannon, Derek Harrison, W. Lee Hetherington, D S Hilton, S F Macpherson, C J McConway, R Stell, I Straughan, R P Thompson, P C Yorke

Form 5A

 Jim Osborne Head Boy

Sandy Martin

 Harry Bell..artist

Harry is still in Low Fell, now a self employed artist. Click the link to his website and buy one of his originals. To see him all growed up click this link Reunions

John Johnson writes "Millenium Bridge and Gateshead Grammar School...Connection...John Johnson Gateshead Director of Design for the bridge"

John McKenzie writes "Attended the school from September 1958 to December 1962. Was in school athletics team and if you can find in your long photo of 61 was in the back row on the right as you look with hair turned up like 2 cream horns either side of my head. More like devils horns than cream horns really. Will be in Low Fell between Christmas and New Year and often call in the Black Horse with my cousin Harry Laidler (now about 55 or 56 did you know him ?) Would love to see that picture when I come up. "

[Contact me next Christmas]

Lee Hetherington became a self employed pharmacist and did that, operating from his own shop in the Newcastle area, for the whole of his career. He married Girls grammar school lass Susan Walton and have remained in Low Fell. Lee is now retired and can be found hanging about the Rugby Club and the Aletaster

Tommy Cowell

 Alan Cooper (dcd 2006) Peter Cartwright (dcd 2000) Stuart Monro ? Joe Hudson
Stuart Monro retired in  Blandford Forum, Dorset

Colin Bonzo Burns

Dave Fletcher

Dave Poste

Dougy Tweddle, Mike Hudson
Mike Hudson Artist and sheep farmer Kent

Jackie Clark, Chris McConway, Jimmy Ashbridge

Ken Sandell, Pete Curry

Rod Hood, Donald Fenwick, Steve Thompson, Brian Hume

Should this say C McConway?

Snippets from Friends Reunited

Allen Greenwood Engineer, Durham
David Hudson Insurance Broker Edinburgh
Stuart MacPherson retired in Houghton le Spring

Alan Cooper and Ken Thompson

Kevin Robson. His memories cover 3+ pages in the excellent "Memories of Gateshead Grammar School", details of which are the Home page of this website

Bob Thompson (back row 2nd from right) and classmates
(pic from Gateshead Past and Present)
Ian Bertram says
"I think front row second from the left is John Davison or Davidson. Front row 1st left the name Curry comes to mind. Back row 1st left Malcolm Charlton? Fourth from left Bruce Virgo?"