Gateshead Grammar School

Leslie (Spud) Tait emigrated to USA where he was shot dead. See here

Courtesy of Philip Latheron

Ken Bell Kevin Taylor  Malcolm Robson  Peter
Colin Beckett    Philip Latheron   Ian Hendrie  Bill Tate ?? 
Leslie Rowley   Neville Johnson  ?? Ian Marshall  Billy Collie  Alan Robinson  John Gallon  Peter Millen  Bill Renforth   Derek Cotterill Peter Purdom  David Max Black 
?? Cummings  Harald Smart   William Doig? Paul Moncaster  Ian Fudge  Pete Brewis Graham Whittaker  Malcolm Hope   Tony Shedden John Pickard   Trevor Wilson

Intake photo of my class with Pete Brewis in 59 and can add a name or two.
Back right is Ken Langford.
                   Comments from Kevin Taylor.
I can confirm the "parking" of a teacher's car on the school field. It was a Mini, belonging to a geography teacher - suname Graham - in the middle of picture 12 of the '61 long photo. The car was lifted over the waist high poles that were put there to keep cars off the pitch!
Just above and left of Pete Brewis is Allan Robinson and above and left of him is Peter Ferrow.
Third from the left on the front row is Alan Robinson. Yes, it was a little confusing!
Second from the left, at the top, is, indeed ME!

The above two pics from Alan Donnison


Jeff Packer writes
If Lindsay Brydon reads this, I was one of Leslies mates, the Monkey Tree is doing well.
Was at the old school starting in 1959, left in 1966 from the 'new school' on Avenue Road in 66/7.
Not much mention of 'Foggies Friday'. and putting Mr Gregory's Mini in the middle of the Rugby Pitch.
Agnes Lamb ( What a nasty piece of work), Loui Theakstone. 'Geoff' Addison, 'Dr Death' Caffery. and many, many others who made our time there so rewarding.
Lots of happy memories.

Jeff has recently suggested he may be the only ex pupil to be married by an ex-Master, Fred Gilchrist who was a Curate in Newcastle. There's a goodly chance he is unique!


Roland Adamson writes from NSW, Australia

"Thanks for the memories, Gateshead Grammar 1959/64. I can't remember that panorama being taken but I can see me, in fact I managed 4 of me in different shots.
Sorry to read about Les Tait, I was not only at Grammar with him but went all thru primary at Glynwood PS, Sheriff Hill with him, knew him well from 7/18.
I can put a few names to faces on those pictures which I think would be around 60/61 putting me in 2 or 3D but I can't remember the photo being taken. I left England in '67 &  haven't managed to get back."
[ It's about time you did Roland.....Jon]

Andy Muir writes

"Have never seen so many pictures of my old school and fellow pupils; have really enjoyed browsing through your website . A bit too late to take up rugby again at 56 but I am still playing... just turned 56 for gateshead 4th team. Have been involved with the club ever since Alan Green took us up there from the grammer school in 1962-3 .Tell me when you meet at Black Horse and I will pop up and see you ttfn."
[Tuesday & Thursday from 8 onwards] 

John Pickard writes

"Thanks for the pictures. I was at the Grammar School from 1959 to 1966 and I enjoyed in particular the wide panorama picture (my copy of which is long lost). I recognised a lot of the pictures of my old student mates and teachers. Thanks again."

Phil Morton retired in 2002 after a career in printing industry; living in farm cottage in Northumberland with wife Linda (married 1975). They have one daughter and one grandaughter as well as two german pointers, two shetland ponies, three horses, one african grey parrot and one cockatiel.

Newcastle United supporter Alan Donnison is married to Margaret and they have a 24 year old daughter Helen who graduated from Uni in 2006. They all live in a small village near Newport in Shropshire. Alan took early retirement in 2006 and is just enjoying life as much as possible with holidays abroad etc..(does not miss work at all)


Snippets from Friends Reunited

Peter Collins  journalist turned PR


The boy is back. Ben Conlon in 1961 (long photo) and here with his wife Lorraine on their 25th Wedding Anniversary. They have produced 6...yes...6 sons

Left click the image

Barrister, London

Ben writes
"Played in goal for Bede, Swam for the school, was in the Hiking Club and at school Camp with Mr. Ridley and also played Badminton with the Girls School.
Have great memories. I was one of those that used to sneak into the downstairs staff room at the old school and steal the lines for resale. You should get Pete Collins to tell you what was going on in Moses's RI class when "Lady Chaterley's Lover" came out and some of our class were reading it in the back row...!
At school and in my youth I was called Benny
Between 1988 - 2002 I lived in the US and since returning to the UK I have been living near Ashford in Kent"

Go here for Ben's tale of seeing his old headmaster in court

Along with Peret, Newton, Elms, Moul and Hewson, Ben was in 5D

Kevin Taylor

Lives in Hong Kong
His Facebook Page


Brian Short 

Walter Frost

Robert Gilby

Colin McFadden

D. G. Greenwell


Left click on photo to enlarge it. Submitted by

Colin Bowman

Back Row - Inkson/ Whittaker/ Trev Wilson/Alan Robinson/Walker/Philip Latheron/John Pickard/Jimmy Huntley/Paul Moncaster
Middle row - Michael Lee/Tony Sheddon/John Gallon/Mel Wilkie/Becket/Willie Tate/ Colin Bowman/Ian Hendry/Bill Colley/Talcy Robson
Front Row - Cotterel/Purdom/??/Nev Johnson/Bob Gilby/Mr Ridley/Kenneth Bell/ Hope/ Geoff Farnsworth/Maxie Black/Beck
Colin said
"I have some great memories of the school and I have regaled many a conversation with stories of the varied and inventive methods of punishment metered out by the teaching staff. Looking back, I now realise the good teachers rarely needed to use force. I also realise that the staff had a lot to contend with, dealing with such a massive group of highly testosteroned youths. Waterloo Road - bairns' stuff."


Ian Oliver writes

After looking at the website I eventually decided to send a bit about myself – not to be too pushy!!(egocentric)


Was in 1959 intake and stayed until 1966. I enjoyed most of my time and especially proud of being in school sports teams since I had polio affecting my left leg from the age of 8 months. Went on from school in 1966 to Specialist PE Course at Madeley College, one of only 10 specialist Wing Course Colleges for PE Teachers in the country including Loughborough and Carnegie. Played in Soccer Hockey Swimming and Gymnastics Teams and left with Distinctions in PE and Practice of Education(Teaching in 1969) I married Kathryn Lumsden (Central and Elgin girl) and we have one off spring , Claire and now 2 Grandchildren.

After College I taught for 2 terms at Dryden Senior High School(formerly Girls Grammar) and moved onto Rutherford School in Newcastle in 1970 and went on to be Head of Boys PE in 1975. After having many swimming teams compete in Schools National Finals and winning a National Championship I moved on to be Swimming Organiser and Chief Coach of the City of Newcastle. The Club progressed to be the strongest in the area and one of the countries top clubs having International swimmers for over 25 years.  I also coached many England and British Teams with swimmers at every Olympics from 1992-2008 and Commonwealth Games from 1994-2010. Swimmers won 5 gold medals at Commonwealth Games as well as 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. I retired in 2012 and enjoy retirement with Kathryn and our extended family.


Form 1B ( Teacher K. Bennett) submitted by Ian Oliver..8th from left, middle row

5B 1964-65 Mr Thorne
Ian Oliver Back Row 7th from left

4B Mr Davison
Ian Oliver Front 7th from left

Ian Oliver 7th from left, front row