Staff 1965

Headmaster, 37 teachers, 1 secretary

 This photo, taken at Easter in 1965 outside the front of the replacement school, was kindly donated by Mr David Walker, who is in the centre of the 4th section. Mr Walker is one of several teachers (Noble-Nesbitt, Armstrong, Hawkins, Rimer to name a few) who were at the school as both pupil and teacher.

Ulises Ribelles (Spanish Language Asst), Davidson
Addison, Gargett
Robertson, Gilchrist

Wise, Brunskill
Cray, Bird, Denisson
Ure, Howe

Cook, Derek Robson (Art)
Forster, R. Gregory
Fawcett, Lamb

Maddison, Wilson
Caffrey, Ridley

M Skipsey, J Quinn
John Hawkins, Fred Goodwin
Cleasby, Reed

Noble-Nesbitt (Maths), Myers
Doran (English), Petherbridge
Clayden, Errington

Monsieur Bereyziat (French Language Asst)
Mitchell (French)
Mrs Thompson

Come on guys, one of you must be able to eliminate the last remaining question mark. Now identified as Bill Denisson by David Walker, with the help of a colleague he met at St James Park

If some of you are more interested in architectonics than academics you may note that the building behind was only officially opened one year before this photo was taken...does it not already show signs of overdue maintenance?
The old school lasted 80 years, the new, less than 30, albeit fire hastened its exit

Update on Ulises Ribelles, as provided by one of his daughters

 He married in 1967 and had three girls and one boy. He  lives in northern Spain where the rain falls mainly in the ... mountains... and all the time... so his sojourn in northern England was a good introduction to the less benign climate of Asturias, where he has been living for the last 46 years! He became an English teacher in 1966, very much loved by his pupils. His English is still very good, and he pronounces his "which" with the fricative sound of the "wh" which he learned in Gateshead (he always claims). While he was there, back in 1965, he walked on HadrianĀ“s Wall from Carlisle to the Tyne, and was an experience that  he will never forget. He also spent some time in London, in Soho, washing dishes in a restaurant... and dancing to the Beatles, probably. He fell in love with England, with its people , its culture, its history and its literature. He retired in 2002, having worked as a teacher for almost 40 years.