Staff 1961

Geof Addison (French) R Davidson (History) K Bennet (Biology) Pete Brewis English)

Andrew Forster (Music) A Curry (French) Ken Noel (History)

Tom Hall (Maths, Geog) Ken Inniss (Modern Languages), Bernard Bird (Biology..what else?)

Ernie Fawcett (Latin) J R Brown (English) Dan Reed ( Geog) 'Tubby' Clayden(Maths)

J B Davidson (Woodwork) Colonel Louis Marquardt Theakstone, T.D. (Maths) Roland Errington (Biology)
(Did you know that Theakstone was Churchill's interpreter when Winnie met up with Roosevelt and Stalin at the Yalta Conference in 1945 to divide up Germany.
I had no idea Theakstone could speak fluent American.

Harry Oyston (Physics) Frank Lamb (Geog) Ernie Fawcett (Latin)

I Graham (Geog) ?? Walter Matthews (?)? (French)

R Gosney (?) J Prest ( French/Spanish) J B Davidson (Woodwork)

?? Bill Wilson (English) Bob Myers (Chemistry) J D Foster (English)

Tom Maddison (PE) ??

??   Mrs Thompson (Secretary)