Twelfth Night 1948

Gateshead Grammar School Drama Club
performance of Twelfth Night by W. Shakespeare
Little Theatre, Gateshead
May 25th to 29th 1948
Programme Sixpence
Producer Miss Ramshaw
The Play has been produced with a complete cast of under-studies, most of whom have worked perseveringly until the end
It was, therefore, thought only fair that this cast should be given the chance to perform the play in their turn on Tuesday and Thursday evenings


Part Wed, Fri, Sat Tues, Thurs 
Orsino M. Dingwall B. Errington 
Sebastian P. Johnson P. (Israel) Miller 
Antonio E. McDowell C. Beck 
Sea Captain A. Readdie 
Valentine  M. Watson G. Myers
Curio J. Sherrin  J. Binks
 Sir Toby Belch J. Wilkinson B. Fowler
 Sir A AguecheekJ. Wailes  G. Lennox
Malvolio D. Oyston B. Shipley 
 Fabian D. CollinsJ. Binks 
 Feste.clownA. Pennington 
Olivia J. Shepherd P. Love 
Viola  S. Peacock A. Douglas
Maria A. Green  L. Jones
Pages J. Lusk  -
 M. Robertshaw  -
Ladies M. Harrington  -
  M. Grey -
 1st OfficerR. Cooper  -
2nd Officer K. Norton  -
Priest A. Readdie  -

Music by Mr. Stokes, Miss Henderson, Miss J. Moon, Miss James, Mr Clegg, I. Richardson and S. Robson

Peter (Israel) Miller as Sebastian and Audrey Douglas as Viola